Hymns for the Spiritual Journey: New Hymns and New Words to Familiar Hymn Tunes

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1Now gone the years of sad misgivingLEIPZIG 1990
2Come, Christians, join in songDARWALL'S 148th
3Come, people, gather and rejoiceAZMON
4Alleluia, Alleluia, Sing the song of endless praiseNETTLETON
5Lead on, O God eternalLANCASHIRE
6Our Great Creator, Thou art God
7Voice of God, speak and sing
8God, we praise You, sing your glory
9Great bountiful God, We offer our praise
10Come, ye thankful people, gather
11We praise Thee, God eternal
12It's a beautiful day!
13God of life, O great Creator
14Save us, O God, from all our foes
15Now let us sing, for Truth has made us free!
16O God of love, our fervent prayer
17We sing the soul immortal
18Light of the world, The Christ, is come
19O God who lights the eastern sky
20I would not seek the safety zone where life is all secure
21A man named Jesus lived on earth
22The church's strong foundation is God's eternal love
23There lives a long, unbroken line
24God of ev'ry spire and steeple
25I'm on a journey home
26Through all the years, through countless days
27With a bond of faith to unite us
28Constant companion, whisper to me
29To pierce the dark, to claim the Light
30When Jesus came to Jordan's banks to be baptized by John
31In the stillness of this moment
32To Thee I raise my being
33Love, be our vision and Love, be our joy!
34Child of promise, child of heaven
35Peace I am
36Como una paloma el Amore llega (As a dove flying softly, gentle Love arrives)
37O, God of Love, now fill our hearts
38A lovely myst'ry still persists for lo! these many years
39Praise God from whom all blessings flow
40My life is in Your hands.
41I hear You, God, in waterfalls
42Blest are the ones in need
43God of love and God of our salvation
44Spirit, holy one
45We would invite You to break our bread
46Por favor, SeƱor, por favor (Hear our prayer, O God, hear our prayer)
47O God, our thanks for these who are
48We lift our hearts, we bring our lives
49O holy spirit, living God
50Come now, O Christ, and fill our lives with Thee
51Come, Peace on Earth
52Come this Christmastide rejoicing
53Emmanuel! Emmanuel!
54Rejoice this Christmas day.
55Celebrate the joy of Easter!
56Go your way in joy!
57We leave this place to go our sep'rate ways
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