Hymns for Sunday Schools, Youth, and Children

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201Now in the season of thy youthPage Scan
202Ye hearts with youthful vigor warmPage Scan
203They are blest, and blest foreverPage Scan
204The rose-bud yet unblown may liePage Scan
205Like mist on the mountain, like ships on the seaPage Scan
206There is an hour when I must diePage Scan
207Though I am young, I have a soulPage Scan
208Almighty God, thy piercing eyePage Scan
209Why should we spend our youthful daysPage Scan
210Few are our years, yet soonPage Scan
211Many voices seem to sayPage Scan
212The sun that lights the world shall fadePage Scan
213There is a path that leads to GodPage Scan
214Swift the moments fly awayPage Scan
215There is a way that's very broadPage Scan
216This life is but a summer's dayPage Scan
217See, the kind Shepherd, Jesus, standsPage Scan
218Little children, stop and thinkPage Scan
219O 'tis a folly and a crimePage Scan
220How bless'd are those in early youthPage Scan
221O sweet it is in life's young springPage Scan
222How happy is the child who hearsPage Scan
223Holy children, read and prayPage Scan
224Blest, beyond all earthly blessingPage Scan
225God has said, Forever blessedPage Scan
226Happy the child who finds the gracePage Scan
227Thrice happy is the youthPage Scan
228Happy the child whose tender yearsPage Scan
229How carefully the shepherds keepPage Scan
230'Tis religion that can givePage Scan
231Happy child, whom God doth aid!Page Scan
232Go thou, in life's fair morningPage Scan
233What though we now are weak and youngPage Scan
234Teacher, guide of young beginnersPage Scan
235King Solomon of oldPage Scan
236We are but young--yet we may singPage Scan
237One God I must worship supremePage Scan
238While angels praise thy gracious namePage Scan
239The gods that gave us not our birthPage Scan
240Saviour! while my heart is tenderPage Scan
241Religion is the chief concernPage Scan
242Idle boys and men are foundPage Scan
243I know that I am but a childPage Scan
244Love and kindness we may measurePage Scan
245Great God, and wilt thou condescendPage Scan
246Young children were to Jesus broughtPage Scan
247Words are things of little costPage Scan
248The bird that soars on highest wingPage Scan
249Time once gone is gone foreverPage Scan
250Let children that would fear the LordPage Scan
251How pleasant for a child to singPage Scan
252How happy those dear children werePage Scan
253O Jesus, delight of my soulPage Scan
254In the cross of Jesus gloryPage Scan
255How doth the little busy beePage Scan
256Children, now your voices raisePage Scan
257A minute, how soon it has flownPage Scan
258Jesus Christ, my Lord and SaviourPage Scan
259Young children once to Jesus camePage Scan
260Thou Guardian of our youthful daysPage Scan
261If any little insult givenPage Scan
262The Saviour loved of heaven to talkPage Scan
263As thou forgivest usPage Scan
264O thou whose name is lovePage Scan
265Great God, with meekness we confessPage Scan
266Let children bless the Saviour's namePage Scan
267Young men exhort, the' apostle saidPage Scan
268The morning hours of cheerful lightPage Scan
269Great God! with heart and tonguePage Scan
270Guide of my youth be thou, O LordPage Scan
271How shall the young secure their heartsPage Scan
272Lord, we are young--thy help we needPage Scan
273In the joyous hours of youthPage Scan
274O what a lovely sightPage Scan
275Our youth is like the opening dayPage Scan
276Guardian of souls, throughout my daysPage Scan
277The fading leaf--an emblem fitPage Scan
278Guide of our youth! to thee we cryPage Scan
279Grant us, Lord, thy heavenly lightPage Scan
280The praying spirit breathePage Scan
281Creator! Saviour! God!Page Scan
282Our Father in heavenPage Scan
283O when the tear is gushingPage Scan
284From every stormy wind that blowsPage Scan
285Day by day supplies of gracePage Scan
286Prayer is the soul's sincere desirePage Scan
287O for a faith that will not shrinkPage Scan
288Author of faith, we seek thy facePage Scan
289Prayer is appointed to conveyPage Scan
290The Lord attends when children prayPage Scan
291Lord, teach me how to prayPage Scan
292O that the Lord would teach my tonguePage Scan
293There's not a tint that paints the rosePage Scan
294Let every tongue thy goodness speakPage Scan
295O thou who dost young children lovePage Scan
296All hail the power of Jesus' name!Page Scan
297May I love thee and adore theePage Scan
298My Saviour, my almighty FriendPage Scan
299Majestic sweetness sits enthronedPage Scan
300There's not a star whose twinkling rayPage Scan

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