Hymn and Tune Book for the Church and the Home and Services for Congregational Worship. Rev. ed.

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d701There is a land of pure delight, Where saints immortal reign
d702There is a river deep and broad
d703There is a state unknown, unseen
d704There is an eye that never sleeps
d705There is an hour of peaceful rest
d706There's a land that is fairer [brighter] than day
d707There's not a hope, with comfort fraught
d708There's nothing bright above, below
d709These mortal joys, how soon they fade
d710They are going, only going, Jesus called them
d711They who on the Lord rely
d712They who seek the throne of grace
d713Think gently of the erring one
d714Thirsting for a living spring
d715This day let grateful praise ascend
d716This is the day of light
d717Thou art, O God, the life and light
d718Thou art the Way, and he who sighs
d719Thou Fount of blessing, God of love
d720Thou grace divine, encircling all
d721Thou hidden love of God, whose height
d722Thou hidden source of calm repose
d723Thou, in whose name the two or three
d724Thou, long disowned, reviled, oppressed
d725Thou Lord of hosts, whose guiding hand
d726Thou, Lord of life, whose tender care
d727Thou, Lord, through every changing scene
d728Thou, Lord, who rearest the mountains' height
d729Thou must go forth alone, my soul
d730Thou Power and Peace, in whom we find
d731Thou seest our weakness, Lord, Our hearts are known to thee
d732Thou Source divine of life and light
d733Thou, who art enthroned above
d734Thou whose almighty word Chaos and darkness heard
d735Though dark our present prospects be
d736Though faint, yet pursuing, we go on our way
d737Thrice happy souls [men] [they], who born [heirs] from [of] heaven
d738Through all the various [varying] shifting [passing] scene
d739Through all this life's eventful road
d740Through the love of God [Christ] [Jesus] our Father [Savior]
d741Thus far the Lord hath [has] led me on
d742Thy bounteous hand with food can bless
d743Thy goodness, Lord, our souls confess
d744Thy kingdom come, for all our path
d745Thy kingdom come, O God [Lord], thy rule [reign]
d746Thy kingdom, Lord, for ever stands
d747Thy name, Almighty Lord [God], shall sound
d748Thy presence, everlasting [ever living] God [Lord]
d749Thy seamless robe conceals thee not
d750Thy way is in the deep, O Lord
d751Thy way, not mine, O Lord
d752Thy ways, O Lord [God] with wise design
d753Thy will be done, I will not fear
d754'Tis God the spirit leads
d755'Tis gone, that bright and orbed blaze
d756'Tis not this fleshly robe alone
d757'Tis winter now, the fallen [gleaming] snow
d758To all thy faithful people, Lord
d759To him who children blessed [blest], and suffered them to come
d760To the Father's love we trust
d761To thee, my God, my days are known
d762To thee, O God in heaven, this little one we bring
d763To thee, O God, we homage pay
d764To thee, O God, we offer our joyful songs
d765To thine eternal arms, O God
d766Tomorrow, Lord, is thine
d767Unto thy temple, Lord, we come
d768Upon the gospel's sacred page
d769Upward I lift mine [my] eyes
d770Wait, O my soul, thy [the] Maker's will
d771Wait on the Lord, ye heirs of hope
d772Walk in the light, so shalt thou [and you shall] know
d773Walk with the Lord [your God], along the road
d774Watchman, tell us of the night
d775We all, O Father, all are thine
d776We bless thee for this sacred day
d777We follow, Lord, where thou dost lead
d778We journey through a vale of tears
d779We love the venerable house
d780We praise thee, Lord, with earliest morning ray
d781We the weak ones, we the sinners
d782We wait in faith, in prayer we wait
d783We will not weep, for God is standing by us
d784We would leave, O God, to thee
d785Weak and irresolute is man
d786Weep thou, O mourner, but in lamentation
d787Welcome, delightful morn, Thou [Sweet] day of sacred rest
d788Welcome, welcome, quiet morning
d789What is this that stirs within
d790What secret place, what distant star
d791What shall we render, bounteous Lord
d792When across the inward thought
d793When all thy [your] mercies, O my [our] God [gracious Lord]
d794When arise the thoughts of sin
d795When, as returns this [the] solemn day
d796When before thy throne we kneel
d797When, driven by oppression's rod
d798When grief and anguish press me down
d799When I survey the wondrous cross
d800When in silence, o'er the deep

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