Hymns for Today's Church (2nd ed.)

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485aO Lord my love, my strength, my towerPATER OMNIUM
485bO Lord my love, my strength, my towerST. MATTHIAS
486O love that will not let me goST. MARGARET
487aOh the bitter shame and sorrowBOURNE
487bOh the bitter shame and sorrowST. JUDE
488Praise for the mighty loveLITTLE CORNARD
489All-creating heavenly GiverMEAD HOUSE
490As sons of the day and daughters of lightLAUDATE DOMINUMText
491Christ, from whom all blessings flowCULBACH
492Christ is the king! O friends rejoiceVULPIUS
493Help us, O Lord, to learnSANDYSText
494aGlorious things of you are spokenAUSTRIAText
494bGlorious things of you are spokenABBOT'S LEIGHText
495God of eternity, Lord of the agesEPIPHANY HYMN
496aGod our Father, bless your peopleUNION
496bGod our Father, bless your peopleSHARNBROOK
497aHow good a thing it isSTEEPLE ASHTON
497bHow good a thing it isUNITED MAN
497cHow good a thing it isHOLYROOD
498Look, Lord, in mercy as we prayCHRISTMAS CAROL
499Lord of the church, we pray for our renewingLONDONDERRY AIR
500Risen Lord, whose name we cherishNEW MALDEN
501The church’s one foundationAURELIA
502O Christ the great foundationAURELIA
503Now let us learn of ChristPARKSTONEText
504Church of God, elect and gloriousLUX EOI
505aGo forth and tell! O church of God, awake!YANWORTHText
505bGo forth and tell! O church of God, awake!GO FORTH
506God, whose almighty wordMOSCOWText
507aHow shall they hear the word of GodPEMBROKE
507bHow shall they hear the word of GodO JESU
508Come, Christians, follow where the captain trodCRUCIFERText
509Lift up your heads, you gates of brass!LONDON NEW
510Lord, speak to me that I may speakEISENACHText
511Lord, your church on earth is seekingEVERTON
512Lord, you can make our spirits shineST. LAURENCE
513O Spirit of the living GodGONFALON ROYALText
514One holy apostolic churchLADYWELL
515aRevive your church, O LordCARLISLE
515bRevive your church, O LordVENICE
516Jesus shall reign where’er the sunTRURO
517Send out the gospel! Let it soundOLD CLARENDONIANText
518To him we come — Jesus Christ our LordLIVING LORDText
519We have a gospel to proclaimFULDA
520You servants of God, your master proclaimPADERBORNText
521Tell all the world of JesusTHORNBURY
522Christ’s church shall glory in his powerEIN' FESTE BURG
523God is our fortress and our rockEIN' FESTE BURG
524Christian soldiers, onward go!UNIVERSITY COLLEGE
525Lead us, heavenly Father, lead usMANNHEIM
526aFight the good fight with all your mightDUKE STREETText
526bFight the good fight with all your mightOLD CLARENDONIANText
527God is our strength and refugeDAM BUSTERS MARCHText
528aGuide me, O my great RedeemerCWM RHONDDAText
528bGuide me, O my great RedeemerBRYN CALFARIAText
529Lord of our life, and God of our salvationCLOISTERSText
530O happy band of pilgrimsKOCHER
531O Jesus, I have promisedWOLVERCOTEText
532Onward, Christian soldiers!ST. GERTRUDE
533aSoldiers of Christ, ariseST. ETHELWALDText
533bSoldiers of Christ, ariseFROM STRENGTH TO STRENGTHText
534aSoldiers of the cross, ariseCRUCIS MILITES
534bSoldiers of the cross, ariseORIENTIS PARTIBUS(i)
534cSoldiers of the cross, ariseORIENTIS PARTIBUS(ii)
535Stand up, stand up for JesusMORNING LIGHT
536Your hand, O God, has guidedTHORNBURYText
537Who honours courage hereMONKS GATE
538Come, praise the name of JesusSTAND UP
539Father of all, whose laws have stoodRYBURN
540Help us to help each other, LordDUNFERMLINE
541Fill now my life, O Lord my GodRICHMONDText
542Forth in the peace of Christ we goDUKE STREET
543God be in my head and in my understandingGOD BE IN MY HEADText
544Freedom and life are oursFROM STRENGTH TO STRENGTH
545Lord, be my vision, supreme in my heartSLANE
546Lord, you need no houseTENHEAD
547Lord of all power, I give you my willCHEDWORTH
548Lord of the cross of shameCROSS OF SHAMEText
549Lord Jesus, let these eyes of mineHERONGATE
550May the mind of Christ my saviourST. LEONARD'S
551My God, accept my heart this dayST. PETERText
552O Lord, who came from realms aboveHEREFORD
553aO Master Christ, draw near to takeBINNEY'S
553bO Master Christ, draw near to takeREPTON
554aTake my life and let it beNOTTINGHAM
554bTake my life and let it beLÜBECK
555Your way, not mine, O LordIBSTONE
556Yours for ever! God of loveNEWINGTON
557In full and glad surrenderST. ALPHEGEText
558We love the place, O GodQUAM DILECTA
559Christ is made the sure foundationWESTMINSTER ABBEY
560God is here! As we his peopleIVINGHOEText
561aGod of light and life’s creationBUSHEY HALL
561bGod of light and life’s creationALL SAINTS
562God our Father and creatorST. LEONARD
563aHere within this house of prayerASHBURTONText
563bHere within this house of prayerDIXText
564Christ is our corner-stoneHAREWOODText
565Jerusalem on highCHRISTCHURCH
566aChildren of the heavenly kingMELLINGText

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