Hymns of Praise for the Young

Editor: Joel H. Johnson
Publisher: Deseret News Co., Salt Lake City, Ut., 1882
Denomination: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
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d1A faithful saint I have stood by
d2A secret place, there let me go
d3Again the day of rest returns
d4Again the glorious gospel light
d5Alas dear Lord how frail am I
d6Alas my days how swift they fly
d7All earthly pleasures waning
d8All hail, the Gospel's joyful sound
d9Am I an Ephraimite indeed
d10And must I part, thou holy One
d11Another day has gone
d12Another week its course has run
d13Arise from thy sadness, O Zion, with gladness
d14As a tree torn from the fountain
d15As evening shades approach us, now
d16As strangers on the burning plain
d17As the rapid stream is flowing
d18Asleep in Christ? O happy sleep
d19Awake, my soul, and sound abroad
d20Be thankful to God, all ye saints
d21Be up and on your guard
d22Before Jehovah, Zion's King
d23Behold the glory of the Lord
d24Behold thy joyful people come
d25Bid vain desires be gone
d26By all the saints upon the earth
d27Cease, ye fearful saints, to murmur
d28Come all ye who seek salvation
d29Come, let us sing our joyful songs
d30Come listen to the news
d31Come, poor sinner, seek salvation
d32Come, saints, and sing to Zion's King
d33Come, saith Jesus, be baptised
d34Come, saith Joseph, come with me
d35Come saith Joseph hear my voice
d36Come to the house of praise
d37Come to the house of prayer, O thou afflicted
d38Come, ye saints, and sing and pray
d39Consider all my sorrows, Lord, And thy deliverance send
d40Crown him, yes, the blessed Savior
d41Daughter of Zion, lift thy head
d42Dear Brother, thou wast in thy bloom
d43Dear Savior, how I love thy name
d44Dear Savior, I am thine by everlasting bands
d45Earth, with flowers, with grass and grain
d46Eternal Father, condescend
d47Faith is an anchor to the soul
d48Faith is my sure retreat
d49Far from the scenes of war and strife
d50Farewell, my dear and loving friend
d51Farewell, my sweetest treasure
d52Farewell, ye rocks and hills, so dear
d53father in heaven, by whom I'm taught
d54Father, keep us through the year
d55Father, pity heathen nations
d56Father, source of joy and pleasure
d57Father, thou art love indeed
d58For truth engage
d59Forgive me, Father, all my wrongs
d60From every woe that mortals share
d61Glory to our heavenly King, Bounteous Parent
d62Go, in the cool of morning
d63Go mother, to thy long sought rest
d64Go, my son, and peace attend thee
d65Go swift, ye heralds, haste your flight
d66Go, thou swift rushing vessels
d67Go, ye herald, go in kindness
d68Go ye heralds of salvation, Go proclaim
d69Go, ye messengers of Zion
d70Go, ye suffering saints of earth
d71Go, Zion's heralds, go
d72God is my Father, whom I fear
d73God, our Father, we adore thee
d74Hail, Book of Mormon, for thy rays
d75Hail, now the sacred truth unfurled
d76Hail ye the Lord's anointed
d77Hail, Zion's fountain, hail
d78Hark, the heavenly hosts are singing
d79Hasten, Lord, the glorious hour
d80Hearken Zion's sons and daughters
d81Heaven is no distant planet
d82Heavenly hymns, with one accord
d83Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove, Fill my heart with peace and love
d84Holy Spirit, Source of gladness, peace, love, virtue and delight
d85Holy wise, and blessed Savior
d86Hosanna, hosanna be given
d87How blessed are thy children, Lord
d88How blest are they who know the Lord
d89How blest is he who hears
d90How blest is the child of the Lord
d91How blest, O Lord, thy people are
d92How blest the children, Lord
d93How oft have we resigned
d94How pleasant, Lord, to see
d95How precious is the truth divine
d96How sweet, at the day's dawning light
d97How sweet, on Zion's hill, O Lord
d98How sweet the Spirit's voice
d99How sweet to sing God's praise
d100I lift my eyes, O God, to heaven

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