Jewels of Praise

Editor: Asa Hull
Publisher: Daniel W. Knowles, New York, N.Y., 1884
Notes: Numbering is by page number
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3"Pilgrim, whither journey youPage Scan
4We are Zion's cadets, 'tis our joy and pridePage Scan
5Room for the prodigal, mourning for sinPage Scan
6When 'mid the music of the spheresPage Scan
7Blessed Bible, book divine!Page Scan
8Earthly monarchs wear a crownPage Scan
9There is a name that on my earPage Scan
10When the harps of gold are ringingPage Scan
11Down from the ramparts of glory and mightPage Scan
12From the earth with time's probationPage Scan
13City of Zion! wond'rous and fairPage Scan
14A crown of life laid up abovePage Scan
15Thanks be to God! to whom earth owesPage Scan
16As we travel on from day to dayPage Scan
17Here find I rest and peacePage Scan
18We are marching, onward marchingPage Scan
19We sing the song for ever newPage Scan
20O I love to think of Jesus on the dark and stormy seaPage Scan
21Worthy, worthy is the Lamb!Page Scan
22This little book I'd rather ownPage Scan
23Like a river flowing Gently to the seaPage Scan
24Now is the time; for this day's setting sunPage Scan
25He giveth songs by dayPage Scan
26Silently as twilight shadowsPage Scan
27To all who have in Christ believedPage Scan
28We are heralds of a great and free salvationPage Scan
29I sing of Jesus' wondrous lovePage Scan
30Shout redemption's joyful storyPage Scan
31While summer suns are rip'ningPage Scan
32Shall we meet beyond the river, In that land where angels dwellPage Scan
33Ever let thy hand be busyPage Scan
34The world is full of beautyPage Scan
35King of the land of light!Page Scan
36Songs of praise the angels sangPage Scan
37The people of JerusalemPage Scan
38After the soul's deep anguishPage Scan
39There's much we can do if we work with a willPage Scan
40Sing to the Lord in joyful praises!Page Scan
41Crown our Jesus! children, crown HimPage Scan
42Go forth, ye heralds of the crossPage Scan
43For His flock our loving SaviourPage Scan
44Murmur on, murmur on, O thou harp of the blestPage Scan
45Come sing with happy voicesPage Scan
46In the darkest hour of sorrow, never, never fearPage Scan
47Living or dying, Lord, I am thinePage Scan
48There's a tree that's ever growing, growingPage Scan
49Amid the swelling chorusPage Scan
50We are going out to battlePage Scan
51Brightly gleams the gospel bannerPage Scan
52There's a well in the desert for souls that are sadPage Scan
53Beyond life's raging feverPage Scan
54Our shortness of vision we may fail to perceivePage Scan
55Tho' fierce the howling winds may blowPage Scan
56There is a radiant, sunny climePage Scan
57"Glory to God!" sang the angel-throngPage Scan
58When mountains of doubt hem me in on each sidePage Scan
59If you have a work to doPage Scan
60I'll sing of a wonderful Saviour, His love is for you and for mePage Scan
61Still the mighty song is swellingPage Scan
62We speak of the realms of the blestPage Scan
63O precious Saviour, I would layPage Scan
64Lo! the fields are white for harvestPage Scan
65Cares of earth shall no more wearyPage Scan
66The word of prophets is fulfilledPage Scan
67Close to the throne of God abovePage Scan
68In the battle of Life there is work to doPage Scan
69He is my Rock, I build on HimPage Scan
70Distant lands are waiting nowPage Scan
71Tho' fair the scenes that greet the eyePage Scan
72Have you not a word for JesusPage Scan
73Angels holy, High and lowlyPage Scan
74"Good tidings," "Good tidings!" A Saviour is born!Page Scan
75Turn, O sinner, turn and lookPage Scan
76Sweet is the time of springPage Scan
77Ah, this heart shall cease its longingPage Scan
78Come to the life-giving FountainPage Scan
79Lord, bless our Sabbath school today!Page Scan
80Jesus, grant us Thy rich blessingPage Scan
81He is Lord of life and gloryPage Scan
82There is a straight and narrow pathPage Scan
83Serve God! in faith obey his lawsPage Scan
84'Tis not the gold that's mix'd with drossPage Scan
85Father, a name so dear, so oldPage Scan
89Redeemed! redeemed! O precious thoughtPage Scan
87O be joyful in the Lord, all ye landsPage Scan
88Keep me, blessed Saviour, keep mePage Scan
90Come, enter the vineyard and work for the MasterPage Scan
91Have you any room for Jesus, Tell me have you any room?Page Scan
92Who are the countless numberPage Scan
93The Christian sees the palms of peacePage Scan
94Friends, and lov'd ones may leave usPage Scan
95He that goeth forth and weepsPage Scan
96Stay with me, O loving SaviourPage Scan
97Cast thy burden on the Lord, Child of sorrow, do not fearPage Scan
98Hail, Bethlehem of Judah!Page Scan
99I'll go to my Saviour today!Page Scan
100Come out into the sunlightPage Scan
101Faithful forever, faithful foreverPage Scan
102Swell the anthem, raise the songPage Scan
103Time is earnest, passing byPage Scan

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