The Live Wire

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Editor: J. B. Herbert
Publisher: Rodeheaver Co., Chicago, Ill., 1914
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d1A cruel old King from a castle strong
d2Down in a room all cozy and bright
d3Everybody, everybody, everybody wake up
d4Get into the fight for God and right
d5Hark, the thrill approaching nigh
d6I remember well a cottage
d7Lonely at evening a mother is sitting waiting
d8Mourn for the thousands slain
d9No surrender, pass the word, For the ocnflict quickly gird
d10O de Brewer's big hosses, comin' down de road
d11O de sparklin' wine, Yas it look mighty fine
d12O leave the banquet halls
d13O mister brewer man, what you gwine to do
d14O we hear this kind of argument each day upon the stree
d15O what's all this commottion
d16O where are you going my pretty maid
d17O where tell me where is my wandering boy tonight
d18Our cause is just and at the righteous bidding
d19Pretty little maiden chide not fate
d20Ranks arrayed, undismayed, not a heart of us afraid
d21The walls of Jericho fell down
d22There's a patient little woman here below
d23There's an adder in the cup
d24This nation's badly muddled up
d25We ring the challenge out, all evil hosts defying
d26We stand for right, we are in the fight
d27When saloons are driven out of any town
d28Workman [workmen] of God O lose not heart
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