Manual of Catholic Melodies: or, a Compilation of Hymns, Anthems, Psalms ...

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d1Ad regias agni dapes
d2Adeste fideles, l'ti triumphantes
d3All is but vanity and each enchanting scene
d4Arrayed in clouds of golden light
d5As legate send by God's command
d6As night descends, while shadows fly
d7As the dewy shades of even
d8As travelers, when afar they go
d9Audi, benigne Conditor
d10Ave Maria, guardian bright
d11Ave maris stella
d12Ave sanctissima, We lift our souls to thee
d13Before Jehovah's awful throne
d14Behold the royal ensigns fly
d15Break forth, O Zion [Sion], thy sweet Savior sing
d16Bright Maker of the starry poles
d17Bright Mother of our Maker, hail
d18Can it be that my God comes down from heaven
d19Children of the heavenly king as we journey
d20Christians, who, of Jesus' sorrows
d21Coelestis urbs, Jerusalem
d22Come, all [devout] harmonious tongues
d23Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly dove, with all thy quickening powers
d24Come let's adore the king of love
d25Come sound his praise [name] abroad, And hymns
d26Creator alme siderum, 'terna lux
d27Crudelis Herodes, Deum Regem
d28Dear Jesus, I have learned to know
d29Dear Jesus, when will it be
d30Death is our doom: unchanged the law shall
d31Decora lux 'ternitatis auream
d32Depart awhile, each thought of care
d33Eternal glory's radiant ray
d34Eternal source of every joy
d35Exultet orbis gaudiis
d36Fading, still fading, the last [vesper] beam is shining
d37First floweret [flower] of the desert wild
d38Flow on, sweet tears of joy and peace
d39Fortem, virili pectore
d40From east to west, from pole to pole
d41From heaven's own mysterious ways
d42Full thirty years were freely spent
d43Glorious things of thee are spoken
d44Glory to thee, my [our] God [O Lord], this night [day]
d45Grace descending from above
d46Graces from my Jesus flowing
d47Grateful notes and numbers bring
d48Grateful notes to heaven ascending
d49Hail, heavenly queen, Hail foamy ocean's star
d50Hail, martyrs, blossoms early blown
d51Hail Mary, queen and virgin pure
d52Hail, Mary, queen of heavenly spheres
d53Hail, real body of our Lord
d54Hail to the queen who reigns above
d55Holy patron, thee saluting
d56How can we adore, or worthily praise
d57How cheerful along the gay mead
d58How various, Lord, thy works are found
d59Iam sol recedit igneus
d60Illustrious doctor, guide our ways
d61In this unfathomed mystery
d62Iste confessor Domini, colentes
d63Jerusalem, my happy home, how do I sigh for thee
d64Jerusalem, whose name contains
d65Jesu, corona virginum
d66Jesu, dulcis memoria
d67Jesu, redemptor omnium
d68Jesus, Lover [Savior] of my soul, Let me to thy bosom [refuge] fly
d69Jesus, the ransomer of man
d70Jesus, the Savior of mankind
d71Jesus, the very [only] thought of Thee [You]
d72Jesus, thy Father's image bright
d73Joyous singing, tributes bringing
d74Lauda Sion salvatorem, lauda ducem et pastorem
d75Let all who have God's goodness proved
d76Let the deep organ swell the lay
d77Let us famed acts and triumphs sing
d78Lo he comes from heaven descending sent to judge
d79Lord, my sins lie heavy on my mind
d80Lucis creator optime
d81Mother of Jesus, heaven's open gate
d82My God, my life, my love, to thee, to thee I call
d83My soul, thy great Creator praise When clothed in
d84No longer shall my soul confide
d85Now Christ has pierced the skies
d86O all who seek with Christ to rise
d87O all ye people God hath made, sing glory
d88O bountiful Creator, hear
d89O Christ, when thy pure light inspires
d90O come, loud anthems let us sing, loud thanks
d91O filii et fili'
d92O God, how ought my grateful heart
d93O God of tender mercies, hear
d94O God, the lot, the crown, the gain
d95O God, who neath these mystic forms dost lie
d96O great creator of the light
d97O heaven's glorious king
d98O holy mother of our God
d99O Jesus let thy anger cease
d100O Jesus, name at which beyond the skies

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