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Scripture Song Database

This database of scripture songs serves as an index of worship songs by scripture reference. More than 280 sources of scripture songs are indexed, most of them modern hymnals and songbooks—over 3000 hymns and scripture songs in all.

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2377[My Soul Magnifies the Lord]
2382[My Soul Proclaims God's Greatness]
2392[My Tongue is the Disciples' Tongue]
2393[Myrrh-Bearing Mary]
2395[Need You Now]
2397[Neither Desert Wind Nor Sun]
2399[New Light Has Dawned]
2401[New Testament Song]
2402[Nicodemus Comes By Night]
2404[No Condemnation]
2405[No Eye Has Seen]
2406[No Eye Has Seen]
2407[No Fear of God Before the Eyes]
2409[No Iron Spike, No Granite Weight]
2410[No More Festivals!]
2417[No Temptation Has Seized You]
2421[Not Alone, but Two by Two]
2423[Not By Might nor Power]
2438[Nothing in this World]
2439[Now Before the Throne]
2442[Now Evening Comes to Close the Day]
2443[Now go forward]
2444[Now Go in Peace]
2445[Now I Know]
2446[Now In View of All God's Mercies]
2447[Now Is Christ Risen]
2448[Now Is the Time, The Time of God's Favor]
2451[Now Let Your Servants, Lord, Depart in Peace]
2457[Now Rejoice in the Lord]
2459[Now the Earth's New Dawn Is Breaking]
2465[Now Unto Him]
2466[Now Unto Him]
2467[Now Unto the King Eternal]
2469[Now You Have Set Your Servant Free]
2471[Now, from the Heav'ns Descending]
2474[Nunc Dimittis]
2476[Nunc Dimittis: In Peace, Dismiss Your Servant, Lord]
2477[O Arise, My Beloved]
2479[O Bless the Lord]
2480[O Carpenter, Why Leave the Bench]
2481[O Christ the King of Glory]
2483[O Christ, in thee my soul]
2489[O Christ, What Can it Mean for Us]
2491[O Christ, you reign in splendor robed]
2497[O Clap Your Hands]
2499[O Come Let Us Sing For Joy]
2500[O Come to God and Let Us Sing]
2501[O Come to the House of the Lord]
2505[O come, Our world's Redeemer, come]
2506[O Comfort Each Believing Heart]
2512[O Eve and Adam, I Give You this Garden]
2514[O Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Hear]
2515[O Firstborn of the Unseen Lord]
2516[O Give Thanks to the Lord]
2517[O Glorify the Lord with Me]
2519[O God I seek you]
2521[O God of Everlasting Light]
2522[O God of Justice, Answer Me]
2523[O God of the eternal now]
2525[O God Who Brought the Light to Birth]
2526[O God Who Made Us In Your Likeness]
2528[O God, Creation's Architect]
2530[O God, Do Not Keep Silent]
2531[O God, From Age to Age the Same]
2533[O God, in Christ We Meet the King]
2534[O God, Our Father in Heaven]
2535[O God, Our Strength Forevermore]
2536[O God, the Heathen Have Attacked]
2537[O God, to Whom All Nature Bows]
2538[O God, to Whom We Sing]
2540[O God, Whose Voice Remains the Same]
2541[O God, You Are My God]
2544[O Gracious God, Be Merciful To Me]
2552[O How Good It Is]
2553[O I Want to Know You]
2555[O Jerusalem, Enchanter]
2563[O Jesus, Stay With Us]
2566[O Let Your Soul Now Be Filled with Gladness]
2569[O Lord of Love]
2570[O Lord Our God, Whom All Through Life We Praise]
2572[O Lord, Do Not Chastise Me]
2573[O Lord, My Shepherd]
2574[O Lord, No Pride Is In My Heart]
2576[O Lord, Our Lord]
2579[O Lord, Our Lord, Your Name Excels Creation]
2580[O Lord, Turn Not Away from Me]
2583[O Lord, You Have Searched Me]
2585[O Love of God, How Strong and True]
2590[O Lowly Lamb of God Most High]
2591[O Magnify the Lord]
2592[O Magnify the Lord]
2598[O Most Holy, O Most Holy]
2599[O My Garden]
2602[O Praise God's Perfect Goodness]
2605[O Praise the Lord, the Mighty God of Israel]
2606[O Praise, My Soul, the Lord]
2607[O Risen Christ, You Search Our Hearts]
2609[O Seek the Lord, Who May Be Found]
2610[O servants of God]
2611[O Sing to the Lord With Hymns Newly Made]

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