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2382[My Soul Proclaims God's Greatness]
2392[My Tongue is the Disciples' Tongue]
2393[Myrrh-Bearing Mary]
2395[Need You Now]
2397[Neither Desert Wind Nor Sun]
2399[New Light Has Dawned]
2401[New Testament Song]
2402[Nicodemus Comes By Night]
2404[No Condemnation]
2405[No Eye Has Seen]
2406[No Eye Has Seen]
2407[No Fear of God Before the Eyes]
2409[No Iron Spike, No Granite Weight]
2410[No More Festivals!]
2417[No Temptation Has Seized You]
2421[Not Alone, but Two by Two]
2423[Not By Might nor Power]
2438[Nothing in this World]
2439[Now Before the Throne]
2442[Now Evening Comes to Close the Day]
2443[Now go forward]
2444[Now Go in Peace]
2445[Now I Know]
2446[Now In View of All God's Mercies]
2447[Now Is Christ Risen]
2448[Now Is the Time, The Time of God's Favor]
2451[Now Let Your Servants, Lord, Depart in Peace]
2457[Now Rejoice in the Lord]
2459[Now the Earth's New Dawn Is Breaking]
2465[Now Unto Him]
2466[Now Unto Him]
2467[Now Unto the King Eternal]
2469[Now You Have Set Your Servant Free]
2471[Now, from the Heav'ns Descending]
2474[Nunc Dimittis]
2476[Nunc Dimittis: In Peace, Dismiss Your Servant, Lord]
2477[O Arise, My Beloved]
2479[O Bless the Lord]
2480[O Carpenter, Why Leave the Bench]
2481[O Christ the King of Glory]
2483[O Christ, in thee my soul]
2489[O Christ, What Can it Mean for Us]
2491[O Christ, you reign in splendor robed]
2497[O Clap Your Hands]
2499[O Come Let Us Sing For Joy]
2500[O Come to God and Let Us Sing]
2501[O Come to the House of the Lord]
2505[O come, Our world's Redeemer, come]
2506[O Comfort Each Believing Heart]
2512[O Eve and Adam, I Give You this Garden]
2514[O Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Hear]
2515[O Firstborn of the Unseen Lord]
2516[O Give Thanks to the Lord]
2517[O Glorify the Lord with Me]
2519[O God I seek you]
2521[O God of Everlasting Light]
2522[O God of Justice, Answer Me]
2523[O God of the eternal now]
2525[O God Who Brought the Light to Birth]
2526[O God Who Made Us In Your Likeness]
2528[O God, Creation's Architect]
2530[O God, Do Not Keep Silent]
2531[O God, From Age to Age the Same]
2533[O God, in Christ We Meet the King]
2534[O God, Our Father in Heaven]
2535[O God, Our Strength Forevermore]
2536[O God, the Heathen Have Attacked]
2537[O God, to Whom All Nature Bows]
2538[O God, to Whom We Sing]
2540[O God, Whose Voice Remains the Same]
2541[O God, You Are My God]
2544[O Gracious God, Be Merciful To Me]
2552[O How Good It Is]
2553[O I Want to Know You]
2555[O Jerusalem, Enchanter]
2563[O Jesus, Stay With Us]
2566[O Let Your Soul Now Be Filled with Gladness]
2569[O Lord of Love]
2570[O Lord Our God, Whom All Through Life We Praise]
2572[O Lord, Do Not Chastise Me]
2573[O Lord, My Shepherd]
2574[O Lord, No Pride Is In My Heart]
2576[O Lord, Our Lord]
2579[O Lord, Our Lord, Your Name Excels Creation]
2580[O Lord, Turn Not Away from Me]
2583[O Lord, You Have Searched Me]
2585[O Love of God, How Strong and True]
2590[O Lowly Lamb of God Most High]
2591[O Magnify the Lord]
2592[O Magnify the Lord]
2598[O Most Holy, O Most Holy]
2599[O My Garden]
2602[O Praise God's Perfect Goodness]
2605[O Praise the Lord, the Mighty God of Israel]
2606[O Praise, My Soul, the Lord]
2607[O Risen Christ, You Search Our Hearts]
2609[O Seek the Lord, Who May Be Found]
2610[O servants of God]
2611[O Sing to the Lord With Hymns Newly Made]
2612[O Sinner, Lift the Eye of Faith]

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