Oramos Cantando = We Pray In Song

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468Bendito, bendito, bendito sea Dios (O Lord, Jesus Christ, at your alter here we raise)[Bendito, bendito, bendito sea Dios]
469Cantemos al Amor de los amores (Come sing to God, the Love beyond all others)AMOR DE LOS AMORES
470Venid, cristianos, y a cá en el suelo (Come, all you faithful, come to your Savior)CORAZÓN SANTO
471How sweet the name of Jesus sounds (Cuán dulce el nombre de Jesús)LAND OF RESTPage Scan
472To Jesus Christ, our sov'reign King (A Cristo el soberano Rey)ICH GLAUB AN GOTT
473All hail the power of jesus' name! (A Jesucristo póstrense)CORONATION
474Who is the king of glory' how shall we call him? (¿Quíén es el Rey de gloria? ¿Como se llama?)KING OF GLORY
475Crown him with many crowns (Al Salvador Jesús)DIADEMATAPage Scan
476¡Tú reinarás! Éste es el grito ("The Lord is king!" Heaven rejoices)REINARÁS
477Christ is the King! O friends, rejoice (¡Cristo es el Rey! Gocémonos)GELOBT SEI GOTT
478Jesus shall reign where'er the sun (Doquier alumbre el astro sol)DUKE STREETPage Scan
479Many and great, O God, are your works (Muchas y grandes tu obras, Dios)LACQUIPARLE
480Bendecid al Señor pueblos todos (Bless the Lord, all you nations and peoples)DIOS ES AMOR
481I sing the mighty pow'r of God (Hoy canto el gran poder de Dios)ELLACOMBE
482Praise for the sun, the bringer of day (Hermano sol, con gran resplandor)[Praise for the sun, the bringer of day]
483O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder (Señor, mi Dios, al contemplar los cielos)HOW GREAT THOU ARTPage Scan
484De colores (Sing of colors)[De colores]
485God of the sparrow, God of the whale (Dios de las aves, Dios del gran pez)ROEDER
486Al caer la lluvia resurge converdor (When at last the rain falls, our world turns living green)ALABANZA
487O let all who thirst (Si tú tienes sed)[O let all who thirst]
488When Israel was in Egypt's land (El pueblo de Israel clamó)GO DOWN MOSES
489Oh when the world is silent (En medio del silencio)[Oh when the world is silent]
490Seek the face of the Lord (Busquen el rostro del Señor)[Seek the face of the Lord]
491In the bulb there is a flower (El botón es flor mañana)PROMISEPage Scan
492I want to walk as a child of the light (Quiero cual hijo/a de luz caminar)HOUSTON
493We are marching in the light of God (Siyahamb' ekukhanyen' kwnekhos') (Marcharemos a la luz de Dios)SIYAHAMBA
494Blessed are they who are poor in spirit (Dichosos son los de un espíritu pobre)[Blessed are they who are poor in spirit]
495Longing for light, we wait in darkness (Luz añoramos, luz esperamos)CHRIST BE OUR LIGHT
496Lord Jesus Christ (Cristo Jesús) (Jésus le Christ)[Lord Jesus Christ]
497Allí está Jesús (Look closely and see)SUS HECHOSPage Scan
498Dios es nuestro amparo, nuestra fortaleza (God will be our refuge, strength, and mighty fortress)AMPARO
499You are the word who calls us out of darkness (Verbo de Dios, del mal tú nos rescatas)[You are the Word who calls us out of darkness]
500Let all mortal flesh keep silence (Calle todo ser humano)PICARDY
501"Santo, Santo, Santo," dicen los querobines ("Holy, holy, holy," angels above are singing)["Santo, Santo, Santo," dicen los querobines]
502Juan vio el número de los redimos (John had a vision of those redeemed by Jesus)ALABARÉ
503Jubilate Deo (Raise a song of gladness) (Al Señor aclama)[Jubilate Deo]
504Si escubres en la mañana los (When the first new light of the rising sun)[Si descubres en la mañana los]
505Magnificat, magnifcat[Magnificat, magnificat]
506All creatures of our God and King (Oh, criaturos del Señor)LASST UNS ERFREUENPage Scan
507Cantad al Señor un cántico nuevo (Sing Praise to the Lord, O sing out a new song)CANTAI AO SENHOR
508Christ the Lord to us said (Jesucristo nos dijo)[Christ the Lord to us said]Page Scan
509Break into song at the deeds of the Lord (Qué maravillosas las obras del Señor)[Break into song at the deeds of the Lord]
510You, Lord, are both Lamb and Shepherd (Tú, Pastor, también Cordero)PICARDY
511Holy God, we praise thy name (Santo, santo Dios de amor)GROSSER GOTT
512We, the daughters and sons of him (Aclamemos a nuestro Dios)[We, the daughters and sons of him]
513Santo, santo, santo, mi corazón te adora! (Holy, holy, holy, my heart, my heart adores you!)[Santo, santo, santo, mi corazóm te adora]
514Joyful, joyful, we adore you (Jubilosos te adoramos)HYMN TO JOY
515Laudate Dominum, laudate Dominum[Laudate Dominum]
516El cielo canta alegría, ¡aleluya! (Heaven is singing for joy, alleluia)ALEGRÍAPage Scan
517Praise, my soul, the King of heaven (Alma alaba al Rey del cielo)LAUDA ANIMA
518¿Quién es ese que camina en las aguas? (Who is this who calms our fears and walks on water?)[Quién es ese que camina en las aguas]
519Serve you the Lord (Servan a Dios)[Serve you the Lord]
520Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creation(Alma, bendice al Señor, rey potente de gloria)LOBE DEN HERRENPage Scan
521Shout with gladness! Dance for joy! (Gritencon gozo, bailen también)[Shout with gladness! Dance for joy!]
522Que acompaña a nuestro pueblo (Walking here among the people)CUÉLLAR
523Bless the Lord, my soul (Tengo sed de ti) (Bendiz o Senhor)[Bless the Lord, my soul]
524Sing of the Lord's goodness (Canten sus bondades)[Sing of the Lord's goodness]
525Y esos montes se moverán (The hills and mountains, they shall be moved)[Y esos montes se moverán]
526Señor, tú me amas (My Lord, how you love me)[Señor, tú me amas]
527Vamos cantando con todo su poder (Come join in singing: give glory to the Lord)YO TENGO UN GOZO
528Sing a new song to the Lord (Un nuevo canta al Señor)CANTATE DOMINO (ONSLOW SQUARE)Page Scan
529When in our music God is glorified (Cuando ofrendamos música al Señor)ENGELBERGPage Scan
530Te ensalzaré, Señor (I will praise you, O Lord)[Te ensalzaré, Señor]
531Praise our God and Savior (Entonemos himnos)[Praise our God and Savior]
532Now thank we all our God (De boca y corazón)NUN DANKETPage Scan
533En la mañana que se levanta (When, in the morning, the light is breaking)DEMOS GRACIAS
534Gracias, Señor, aleluya (Thanks be to God, alleluia)[Gracias, Señor, aleluya]
535For the beauty of the earth (Por la excelsa majestad)DIX
536Gracias, Padre, mi vida es tu vida (Lord, we thank you, our lives are in your life)[Gracias, Padre, mi vida es tu vida]
537Confitemini Domino (Come and fill our hearts with your peace) (Llénanos, Señor, de tu paz)[Confitemini Domino]
538Let all things now living (Que todo viveinte)ASH GROVE
539In the Lord I'll be ever thankful (El Señor es mi fortaleza)[In the Lord I'll be ever thankful]
540We gather together to ask the Lord's blessing (Nos hemos reunido en el nombre de Cristo)KREMSERPage Scan
541Father, we thank you, who have planted (Gracias, buen Padre, que plantaste)RENDEZ À DIEU
542What love and deep devotion (Porque de tal manera)[What love and deep devotion]
543Love divine, all loves excelling (Sólo excelso amor divino)HYFRYDOL
544What wondrous love is this, O my soul, O my soul (¡Cuán admirable amor, oh mi ser, oh mi ser!)WONDROUS LOVE
545Amazing grace! how sweet the sound (Sublime gracia del Señor)NEW BRITAIN
546There's a wideness in God's mercy (Hay unchura en su clemencia)IN BABILONE
547If we die with the Lord, we shall live with the Lord (Si con él morimos, viviremos con él)[If we die with the Lord, we shall live with the Lord]
548God is forgiveness (Dios es ternura) (Bóg jest mi lościa)[God is forgiveness]
549Canto de alegría porque tengo amor (Joyfully we sing here of the Savior's grace)ARGENTINA
550Mira allá el Calvario (Look on Calvary's summit)NUEVA CREACIÓN
551Dwell in the One who raised Christ from the dead (El que resucitó a Jesús de la muerte habita en ustedes)[Dwell in the One who raised Christ from the dead]
552Sometimes I feel discouraged (Cuando siento que en mi vida)BALM IN GILEAD
553Christ be beside me (Cristo a mi lado)BUNESSAN
554Jesus, come! for we invite you (Ven, Jesús, que te invitamos)BEST GIFTPage Scan
555O Lord, hear my prayer (Señor, ten pieadad)[O Lord, hear my prayer]
556Lord of all hopefulness, Lord of all joy (Dios anhelante, de gozo y placer)SLANE
557I am weak and I need thy strength and pow'r (Débil soy, necesito tu gran poder)LEAD ME, GUIDE ME
558Open my eyes, Lord (Abre mis ojos)[Open my eyes, Lord]
559When my soul is sore and troubled (Cuando me alma está turbada)PERILYPOS PSYCHE
560O healing river, send down your waters (Fuente de vida, envíalas agaus)[O healing river, send down your waters]
561Enséñame, Señor (O show me how to live)[Enséñame, Señor]
562La bendición del Dios de Sara, Abraham y Agar (The God of Sarah, Hagar, and of Abraham)[La bendición del Dios de Sara, Abraham y Agar]
563Una mirada de fe (A single glimmer of faith)[Una mirada de fe]
564Faith of our fathers, living still (Fe santa que nos dio Jesús)ST. CATHERINE
565I say "Yes," my Lord (Digo "Sí," Señor)[I say "Yes," my Lord]
566Keep me safe, O God, I take refuge in you (Protégeme, Dios mío, me refugio en ti)[Keep me safe, O God, I take refuge in you]
567We walk by faith, and not be sight (Por fe debemos caminar)SHANTI

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