Portions of the Psalms of David, and other parts of scripture, in verse: designed as a companion for the Christian (2nd ed.)

Author: J. Rusling
Publisher: Sold by the Publisher, Philadelphia, 1838
Language: English
Notes: Numbering is by page number. Letters are added to numbers when more than one hymn is on a page. Pages 140-148 are missing.
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9Happy the man who shuns with carePage Scan
10Why do the heathen ragePage Scan
11Lord, how are they increased abroadPage Scan
12Hear me, O God of righteousnessPage Scan
13O Lord, unto my words give earPage Scan
15Rebuke me not in anger, LordPage Scan
16O Lord, I put my trust in theePage Scan
18O Lord, how excellent thy namePage Scan
19I'll praise the Lord with heart and voicePage Scan
21Lord, I will put my trust in theePage Scan
22Help, Lord, for lo! the godly ceasePage Scan
23How long wilt thou forget me, LordPage Scan
24The foolish in their hearts have saidPage Scan
25Who, Lord, shall in thy courts abidePage Scan
26O God, my soul shall trust in theePage Scan
27Hear thou the right, O gracious LordPage Scan
29The heavens, O Lord, thy glories teachPage Scan
31The Lord will hear thee in that dayPage Scan
32The King to thee shall lift his voicePage Scan
33The Lord my shepherd feeds mePage Scan
34The earth it is the Lord'sPage Scan
35To thee, O Lord, I lift my soulPage Scan
38Judge me in thought and wordPage Scan
39The Lord he is my lightPage Scan
41O, Lord, I lift my cry to theePage Scan
43Give to the Lord, his praise proclaimPage Scan
44I will extol thee, O my LordPage Scan
45O Lord, I put my trust in theePage Scan
48How greatly bless'd is hePage Scan
50Ye righteous, in the Lord rejoicePage Scan
52Lord, I will bless thy namePage Scan
54Plead thou my cause, O LordPage Scan
57Fret not thyself, nor envious bePage Scan
61In wrath, O Lord, rebuke me notPage Scan
64"I will take heed," (my soul did say)Page Scan
65For God I waited patientlyPage Scan
68As seeks the hart the water brookPage Scan
70Plead thou my cause, and judge me, LordPage Scan
71God is our strength and refuge stillPage Scan
73O clap your hands, let all rejoicePage Scan
74Great is the Lord, in his abodePage Scan
75In mercy, O my God, appearPage Scan
77By thy great name save me, O GodPage Scan
78Give ear unto my prayer, O LordPage Scan
81O God, in mercy deign to hearPage Scan
82My soul shall wait, my God, on theePage Scan
83Surely the men of low degreePage Scan
84Eternal praises, LordPage Scan
86Make unto God a joyful noisePage Scan
88Be merciful, O God, and blessPage Scan
89Make haste, O Lord, deliver mePage Scan
90To Israel truly God is goodPage Scan
91The wicked say, How doth God knowPage Scan
92Shepherd of Israel, now give earPage Scan
94Thy holy tabernacles, LordPage Scan
96Thou, Lord, unto our landPage Scan
97Most holy Lord, bow down thine earPage Scan
98O God of my salvation, thouPage Scan
100Thou, Lord, our dwelling place hast beenPage Scan
102He who hath made his dwelling nighPage Scan
104Come, let us sing unto the LordPage Scan
105Sing a new song unto the LordPage Scan
106O, sing unto the LordPage Scan
108aMake to the Lord a joyful noisePage Scan
108bO Lord, regard my humble prayerPage Scan
111My soul shall bless the LordPage Scan
113O come, give thanks unto the LordPage Scan
117The Lord come let us praisePage Scan
118With our forefathers we did sinPage Scan
120Then they provoked the Lord againPage Scan
122Give thanks unto the Lord most highPage Scan
123Seated in darkness and in deathPage Scan
125They that in ships go down to seaPage Scan
126Where the assembled elders arePage Scan
127The Lord himself to my Lord saidPage Scan
128Praise ye the Lord, my heart shall singPage Scan
129Bless'd is the man that fears the LordPage Scan
130Praise him, ye servants of the LordPage Scan
131No glory to ourselves we takePage Scan
132I love the Lord because he heardPage Scan
134In deep and sore distressPage Scan
135Unto the hills I lift mine eyesPage Scan
136I was glad when the sound I did hearPage Scan
137If God had not been on our sidePage Scan
138They that do in the Lord confidePage Scan
139aWhen our captivity did changePage Scan
139bHappy the man who doth reverePage Scan
149With my whole heart thy praise I singPage Scan
150Lord, thou hast search'd me, and hast knownPage Scan
153Lord, unto thee I cryPage Scan
154Lord, with my voice I cried to theePage Scan
155Attend, O Lord, unto my prayerPage Scan
157The Lord I'll bless, my strength, my towerPage Scan
159I will extol thee, LordPage Scan
161Praise ye the Lord, my soul sing praisePage Scan
162Praise ye the Lord, 't is good to singPage Scan
164Praise ye the Lord, let heaven sing praisePage Scan
165Praise ye the Lord, my soul, sing praisePage Scan
166Praise ye the Lord, his goodness blessPage Scan
169A rod from Jesse's stem shall growPage Scan

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