Songs for Little Folks: a collection adapted for the home circle and for primary classes in Sunday schools and day schools: containing a number of carefully selected kindergarten songs

Editor: Mrs. W. F. Crafts (Miss Sara J. Timanus), Miss Jenny B. Merrill
Publisher: Biglow & Main, New York, 1875
Language: English
Notes: Numbering is by page number. Letters are added to hymns that start on the same page. Page scan is missing pages 13-20
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
81Little givers, come and bringPage Scan
82What can I give to JesusPage Scan
83O do not be discouraged, For Jesus is your friendPage Scan
84A wonderful house have IPage Scan
85We'll try to be like JesusPage Scan
86I'll hie me down to yonder bankPage Scan
87If you cannot cross the oceanPage Scan
88There is something on earth for the children to doPage Scan
89It is God's mercy give usPage Scan
90I would be thy little lambPage Scan
91Little eyes, little eyesPage Scan
92Do we love our gentle SaviorPage Scan
93Jesus bids us shine with a pure, clear [clear, pure] lightPage Scan
94I will be good, dear motherPage Scan
95I want to do rightPage Scan
96Give, said the little streamPage Scan
97Guard, my child, thy tonguePage Scan
98Scatter smiles, bright smilesPage Scan
99I'm a little pilgrim, And a stranger herePage Scan
100Lead me, lead me, lead me precious SaviorPage Scan
101We are little travelers, Marching, marchingPage Scan
102aGreat Shepherd of the sheepPage Scan
102bLittle drops of waterPage Scan
103aO send forth the Bible[Oh send forth the Bible, more precious than gold]Page Scan
103bHoly Bible, book divinePage Scan
104I have a Father in the promised landPage Scan
105There is a happy land, Far, [not] far awayPage Scan
106When he cometh, when he cometh to makePage Scan
107We are coming, blessed SaviorPage Scan
108A beautiful land by faith I seePage Scan
109aMary to her [the] Savior's tombPage Scan
109bLittle travelers Zionward, Each one enteringPage Scan
109cThe dearest gift of heavenPage Scan
110Around the throne of God in heaven, thousandsPage Scan
111By friends and faithful teachersPage Scan
112Do the children know of Jesus, Over there, over there?Page Scan
113Give to the poor, O childrenPage Scan
114I asked a sweet robin, one morning in MayPage Scan
115I've thought of little childrenPage Scan
116Don't drink it, boys, don't drink itPage Scan
117Little children, sweetly singPage Scan
118Ring the bells, the Christmas bells, Chime outPage Scan
119Christ was born in BethlehemPage Scan
120Sing, sing, ye hosts of lightPage Scan
121Once in royal David's city stood a lowly cattle shedPage Scan
122Merry, merry Christmas, everywherePage Scan
123Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is brightPage Scan
124We are glad for this, our ChristmasPage Scan
125And there were in the same country shepherdsPage Scan
126aThe book of the new year is openedPage Scan
126bThe day is past and overPage Scan
127There cometh a dove on beautiful wingsPage Scan
128Bye, baby, day is overPage Scan
129aClose beneath thy mother's wingPage Scan
129bLittle blue eyes gently closingPage Scan
130aSleep, my darling, sleep!Page Scan
130bNow I lay me down to sleepPage Scan
131Evening is falling to sleep in the westPage Scan
132a'Tis a lesson you should heedPage Scan
132bCome, let us learn to singPage Scan
133Foolish old henPage Scan
134aI've been sitting by the hill-sidePage Scan
134bHush, my dear, lie still and slumberPage Scan
135Come out, come out, this winter's dayPage Scan
136Cluck! Cluck! cluck! See how the chickens fly!Page Scan
137What does little birdie sayPage Scan
138Baby bye, Here's a flyPage Scan
140"Dear mother," said a little fishPage Scan
141Two robin red-breasts, in their nestPage Scan
142Chirp, chirp, chirp! Soon as fades the lightPage Scan
143In the days that are sunnyPage Scan
144Roses in bloomPage Scan
145aRound and round it goes!Page Scan
145bWhich way does the wind blowPage Scan
146Oh say, busy bee, whither now are you going?Page Scan
147Come, soft and lovely eveningPage Scan
148O little mouse, O little mousePage Scan
149aLet us march without a blunderPage Scan
149bOne by one we move alongPage Scan
149cWe the slender twigs are takingPage Scan
150Quickly from the bed we risePage Scan
151aBirdie in the greenwoodPage Scan
151bIn the branches of the treePage Scan
152aOh butterfly stayPage Scan
152bWhen mama does the pigeons callPage Scan
153aWe open the pigeon-house againPage Scan
153bThe watches, for good reasonsPage Scan
154aShall we show you how the farmerPage Scan
154bBarrels I bind as a cooper should doPage Scan
155aOur vessel forward calmly sailsPage Scan
155bThe mill-wheels are clappingPage Scan
156aSee the windmill whirling roundPage Scan
156bLet us now begin our sawingPage Scan

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