Songs for the Wee Ones

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d1A beautiful sprite
d2A nightingale made
d3Are you marching, patient, marching
d4Baby bye, here's a fly
d5Be glad, little children
d6Be glad while you may
d7Blessed hope, with her anchor
d8Blessed Savior, wilt thou send
d9Blest are the pure in heart, For they shall see our [their] God
d10By a smiling brooklet
d11Cherish kindly feelings, children
d12Christ loved little children
d13Come, come, my pretty Fido
d14Come shine or come shadow
d15Come, while the grass in the path
d16Dear neighbor, pray lend me
d17Down in old Judea
d18Gather the fragments
d19God is love, the snowflakes whisper
d20God make [made] my life a little light within the world
d21Good boys and girls should never say
d22Goodbye, good friends
d23Happen to you what there will
d24Hear the blacksmith
d25I am a honey bee
d26I am Jesus' little lamb
d27I heard a robin one morning
d28I love you, mother, said little John
d29I want to be a Christian
d30I will ever cling to Jesus
d31If you find yourself insulted
d32I'm only quite a little
d33Jesus, come and bless the children
d34Jesus, high in glory
d35Jesus is our Leader, As we pass along
d36Jesus is our Shepherd, He will keep from ill
d37Jesus loves the children
d38Let us sing as the birdies sing
d39Lie in my arms
d40Listen to the olden clock
d41Little beams of brightness, Little gems of love
d42Little black eyes, six years
d43Little by little I saw
d44Little drops of water, little grains of sand
d45Little stars that twinkle
d46Long ago in old Judea
d47Merry little bobolink
d48Mrs. Dyer stirred the fire
d49My Savior, thou who once on earth
d50O if I were a bird
d51O sing of the angels
d52One morning I questioned
d53Refreshed by gentle slumbers
d54See the shining dewdrops
d55See yon little mother
d56Shall we gather at [by] the river, Where bright angel feet have trod
d57Sing us a song, birdie
d58Sleep, pretty baby
d59Snowflakes, silent snowflakes
d60Suppose, my little lady
d61The ground was all covered with snow one day
d62There is a child
d63There met in convention
d64Though I am but a little child
d65Though lambs of the flock
d66'Tis the merry, merry
d67Twenty froggies went
d68Two little kittens one stormy
d69Two robin red-breasts
d70Under the storm burdened sky
d71Very little things are we
d72We are but little children
d73We are in thy vineyard
d74What are you doing
d75What does little birdie say
d76Where'er I rest
d77Who was in the [a] manger laid
d78Who's the darling little girl
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