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Small Church Music

Let us be your Church musician
The SmallChurchMusic site was launched in 2006, growing out of the requests from those struggling to provide suitable music for their services and meetings.
Rev. Clyde McLennan was ordained in mid 1960’s and was a pastor in many small Australian country areas, and therefore was acutely aware of this music problem. Having also been trained as a Pipe Organist, recordings on site (which are a subset of the site) are all actually played by Clyde, and also include piano and piano with organ versions.
All recordings are in MP3 format. Churches all around the world use the recordings, with downloads averaging over 60,000 per month.
The recordings normally have an introduction, several verses and a slowdown on the last verse. Users are encouraged to use software: Audacity ( or Song Surgeon ( (see for more information) to adjust the MP3 number of verses, tempo and pitch to suit their local needs.

Copyright notice: Rev. Clyde McLennan, performer in this collection, has assigned his performer rights in this collection to Non-commercial use of these recordings is permitted. For permission to use them for any other purposes, please contact


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Performer: Clyde McLennan
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
5256我為基督而生 (I was born for Christ)[I was born for Christ]Audio
5274豈敢 (My dearest Lord didst die for me)[My dearest Lord didst die for me]Audio
5275我若稍微偏離正路 (If from the right course I depart)[If from the right course I depart]Audio
5276神旨美甜 (My stubborn will at last)[My stubborn will at last]Audio
5277主阿,照你旨意 (My Jesus, as Thou wilt!)[My Jesus as Thou wilt]Audio
5279主阿,祢不可讓步 (Do not yield Thy way to mine)[Do not yield Thy way to mine]Audio
5299十字架的道路要犠性 (The way of the Cross means sacrifice)[The way of the Cross means sacrifice]Audio
5303救主十架是我誇耀 (The cross of Christ)[The cross of Christ]Audio
5305祢若不壓橄欖成渣 (Olives that have known no pressure)[Olives that have known no pressure]Audio
5306我願揀選神你美旨 (I choose Thee, blessed will of God)[I choose Thee blessed will of God]Audio
5317哦﹗基督的十字架 (Though Christ a thousand times)[Though Christ a thousand times]Audio
5318破毁帶我到主懷 (Wrecked outright on Jesus' breast)ST PETERSBURGAudio
5319惟有常出代價 (Cross of Christ! Lead onward)[Cross of Christ! lead onward]Audio
5322神,祢正在重排我的前途 (God, You are now rearranging my way[God You are now rearranging my way]Audio
5324非我惟主 (Not I, but Christ)[Not I but Christ]Audio
5346你怎沒有傷痕? (Hast thou no scar?)[Hast thou no scar]Audio
5362主,我今背十架 (Lord, here I take my cross)[Lord here I take my cross]Audio
5363聯於基督 (Joined to the Christ victorious)BURLINGTON (Burrowes)Audio
5365我主,祢說祢是真樹 (Thou hast said Thou art the vine)[Thou hast said Thou art the vine]Audio
5367當我憑着自己思想 (When I am in the natural man)CaergybiAudio
5381求主倒空我脫自己 (Come, empty me of self)[Come empty me of self]Audio
5382一直走十架窄路 (Crucified with Christ my Saviour)[Crucified with Christ my Saviour]Audio
5383從死亡得生命 (I am crucified with Jesus)[I am crucified with Jesus]Audio
5384哦,各各他 (O Golgotha! Good Golgotha!)LILLIARDAudio
5385Jesus, my Saviour, is all things to me[Jesus my Saviour is all things to me]Audio
5399Jesus only is our message[Jesus only is our message]Audio
5400祂不誤事,因祂是神 (He faileth not, for He is God)[He faileth not for He is God]Audio
5404或這樣,或那樣 (In some way or other)[In some way or other]Audio
5405主,我相信 (When sorrows and storms)[When sorrows and storms]Audio
5419前途如何我不知 (I know not what awaits me)[I know not what awaits me]Audio
5421神說話,我就相信 (God said it, and I believe it)[God said it and I believe it]TextAudio
5422神的應許不能廢去 (His promises indelible)[His promises indelible]Audio
5439看哪,神是我的拯救 (Behold, behold, God is my salvation)[Behold behold God is my salvation]Audio
5441永不灰心 (Never be sad or desponding)[Never be sad or desponding]Audio
5442我是一個異鄉旅客 (I'm a pilgrim and a stranger)MY FATHER KNOWSAudio
5443安穩在祂大能膀臂 (Oh, what a wonderful, wonderful rest!)[Oh what a wonderful wonderful rest] (Chorus)Audio
5444不,永不孤單 (Fear not, I am with thee!)[Fear not I am with thee]Audio
5445我惟靠祢 (We rest on Thee, our Shield)[We rest on Thee our Shield]Audio
5459將一切憂慮卸給神 (Cast all your care upon Him)[Cast all your care upon Him]TextAudio
5461耶穌是我牧者 (Jesus is our Shepherd)[Jesus is our Shepherd]Audio
5462耶和华是我牧者 (The Lord is my shepherd (Psalm 23))CHINESE MELODYTextAudio
5464慈愛天父,求引領我 (Lead us, Heavenly Father)[Lead us Heavenly Father]Audio
5474我永不忘記你 (Sweet is the promise)SWEET PROMISEAudio
5483緊握我手引領我 (Take Thou my hand)[Take Thou my hand]Audio
5484溫柔引領我回家 (Lead me gently home, Father)[Lead me gently home Father]Audio
5485我用眼睛引導你 (Precious promise God hath given)[Precious promise God hath given]Audio
5486我的恩典夠你使用 (I'll sing of the wonderful promise)[I'll sing of the wonderful promise]Audio
5487耶穌醫治破碎心懷 (Whosoever will to the Lord may come)[Whosoever will to the Lord may come]Audio
5488望斷以及於耶穌 (O eyes that are weary)PETITION (Haydn)Audio
5489我今所知主恩有限 (I now know Grace)I now know graceAudio
5504當我來到我盡頭 (When I come to the end of myself)[When I come to the end of myself]Audio
5505重擔當託耶和華 (Weary pilgrim on life's pathway)[Weary pilgrim on life's pathway]Audio
5506十架不會重逾祂恩典 (The cross that He gave may be heavy)[The cross that He gave may be heavy]Audio
5508神仍坐着為王 (God is still on the throne)[God is still on the throne] (Chorus)Audio
5509神未曾應許:天色常藍 (God hath not promised skies always blue)[God hath not promised skies always blue]Audio
5510父,我知道我的一生 (Father, I know that all my life)[Father I know that all my life]Audio
5529當我恩主降臨時候 (When my blest Lord will come again)[When my blest Lord will come again]Audio
5531我將站在王面前 (We shall stand before the King)[We shall stand before the King]Audio
5532主耶穌,我正等待 (Lord Jesus, I am waiting)Lord Jesus, I am waitingTextAudio
5533主,當我們被提上升 (Lord, our hearts will be filled with joy)[Lord, our hearts will be filled with joy]Audio
5535我想我家鄉在那邊 (O think of the home over there)[O think of the home over there]Audio
5552更美地 (More beautiful)[More beautiful] (Chinese)Audio
5553天是我家 (Heaven is my home)[Heaven is my home]Audio
5554因有羔羊血洗淨 (Who, who are these besides the chilly wave)[Who who are these besides the chilly wave]Audio
5555在於新耶路撒冷 (When the toils of life are over)[When the toils of life are over]Audio
5556哦,主,撒冷是祢所建設 (Oh, Lord, you are building Jerusalem)[Oh, Lord, you are building Jerusalem]Audio
5557客旅 (He looked for a city)HOME SWEET HOMEAudio
5574每一禱告都有答應 (Every prayer will find its answer)[Every prayer will find its answer]Audio
5575憑信心求,奉主的名 (Ask in faith in Jesus' dear Name)[Ask in faith]Audio
5576尚未蒙允? (Unanswered yet?)[Unanswered yet? the prayer your lips are pleading]Audio
5578親愛主,我不能禱告 (Ah, dearest Lord!)[Ah dearest Lord]Audio
5579你們若專心尋求我 (If with all your hearts ye truly seek me)[If with all your hearts ye truly seek me]Audio
5580祂是我愛在破曉清晨 (He's the one I love in the morning)[He's the one I love in the morning]Audio
5581我有一位好朋友 (I have a friend so precious)[I have a friend so precious] (May A. Stephens)Audio
5598奇妙又奇妙的耶穌 (Wonderful, wonderful Jesus)[Wonderful wonderful Jesus]Audio
5599哦,主,求祢長在我心 (O Jesus Christ, grow Thou in me)ADORATIOAudio
5601我神,我心充滿安寧 (My heart is resting, O my God)SWISS MELODYAudio
5602沒有間隔,主 (Nothing between, Lord)[Nothing between Lord]Audio
5603我如困鹿切慕溪水 (As pants the hart)[As pants the hart]Audio
5619更加甘甜 (To Jesus every day I find)[To Jesus every day I find]Audio
5621祢是愛的溫柔氣息 (I cannot breathe enough of Thee)[I cannot breathe enough of Thee]Audio
5622在隱密處與神同關鎖 (Shut in with God)[Shut in with God]Audio
5623主耶穌,我羨慕活在祢面前 (Lord Jesus, I long in Thy presence to liveAFTON WATERAudio
5624親愛主﹗寶貝主 (Dear Lord Jesus, precious Jesus)[Dear Lord Jesus precious Jesus]Audio
5642我的道路 (If the path I travel)[If the path I travel]Audio
5643每日早晨愛都新鮮 (New every morning is the love)ONSLOWAudio
5644醒來,我魂,當隨朝陽 (Awake, my soul, and with the sun)MORNING HYMNAudio
5645傳道的呼喊 (A hundred thousand souls)[A hundred thousand souls]Audio
5646到遠方,到萬國 (To the regions beyond)[To the regions beyond]Audio
5648仰望真神羔羊 (Look to the lamb of God)[Look to the lamb of God]Audio
5662罪惡途中多年流蕩 (Years of wandering)[Years of wandering]Audio
5663全脫落 (I remember when my burden rolled away)[Rolled away]Audio
5665一事我知道 (This one thing I know)[This one thing I know]TextAudio
5667讓祂進 (There's a Stranger at the Door)[There's a Stranger at the Door]Audio
5668要及時 (Life at the best is very brief)[Life at the best is very brief]Audio
5669來信耶穌 (Come to Jesus)[Come to Jesus]Audio
5699救主耶穌,我來 (O Jesus, Saviour, hear my call)[O Jesus Saviour hear my call] (Sankey)Audio
5701要忠心 (We are going forth)[We are going forth]Audio
5705要將最好獻上 (Hear ye the Master's call)TULLARAudio
5706正當時日悄然而過 (There are lonely hearts to cherish)[There are lonely hearts to cherish]Audio

[This hymnal is not yet complete - may be missing texts or tunes]
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