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Secular Hymnal: 144 hymn tunes made inclusive for all

Author: Secretary Michael
Publisher: Machinists Union Press, St. Louis, 2014
Language: English
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
1A beauty hides in ev'ryoneEIN FESTE BURGTextPage Scan
2A long, long way we've come todayMELITATextPage Scan
3A peaceful walk upon our earth[A peaceful walk upon our earth]TextPage Scan
4Accommodating others is kind of fun to doPENLANTextPage Scan
5Achieving disagreement can be a pleasant thingANGEL'S STORYTextPage Scan
6All need to feel significant todayEVENTIDETextPage Scan
7All praise to the troubled, the lost and confusedTO GOD BE THE GLORYTextPage Scan
8All the Seven Deadly Sins come to visit now and thenJUST A CLOSER WALK WITH THEETextPage Scan
9Assuming there's peace when really there's noneLYONSPage Scan
10"Bad" is not a name for a womanPICARDYTextPage Scan
11Because violence can't end violenceGENDARMES' DUETTextPage Scan
12Borders, bound'ries, walls and fencesBORDERS, BOUNDARIES, WALLS AND FENCESTextPage Scan
13Building a door through ev'ry wallST. CATHERINETextPage Scan
14Climbing up the ladder, what do I see?NICEATextPage Scan
15Climbing up the mountain, how I want to stopWYE VALLEYTextPage Scan
16Come live with us. Come live with usCOME LIVE WITH USTextPage Scan
17Communication is the answer, let the questions comeCORONATIONTextPage Scan
18Crank and sprocket, chain and wheelEASTER HYMNTextPage Scan
19Disassemble ev'ry gun and disassemble ev'ry fearNETTLETONTextPage Scan
20Diversity in thought is something quite profoundRHOSYMEDRETextPage Scan
21There are certain topics that divideSALVE REGINATextPage Scan
22Don't know how I got here but here I amVILLE DU HAVRETextPage Scan
23Each little raindrop dropping in mudSUTRA HYMNTextPage Scan
24Education is our destination!WARRENTONTextPage Scan
25Ev'ry space for ev'ry faceSALZBURGTextPage Scan
26Ev'rybody has their issues that occupy their mindTHERE IS A BALM IN GILEADTextPage Scan
27Ev'ryone must make a livingPLEADING SAVIORTextPage Scan
28Ev'rything's changing, and we are changing tooCONSOLATIONTextPage Scan
29For those who have beliefs bizarreYE BANKS AND BRAESTextPage Scan
30For what I've done and failed to doCOME HOLY GHOSTTextPage Scan
31Go further, farther past the bordersDUNDEETextPage Scan
32"Going up, going up, going up, going up"MCDANIELTextPage Scan
33Grief has got to take its timeTOPLADYTextPage Scan
34Happy be devoted teachersTRUST IN JESUSTextPage Scan
35Harvesting hunger is my fateARIZONATextPage Scan
36I am a terroristTRENTHAMTextPage Scan
37I am the captain of my boatA POOR WAYFARING MAN OF GRIEFTextPage Scan
38I declare a brand-new meCYMRAEGTextPage Scan
39I have a garden in the parkSOLID ROCKTextPage Scan
40I have a puzzle of the worldST. PETERTextPage Scan
41I once was so certain, so righteous, so strongLOURDES HYMNTextPage Scan
42I surrender, I surrenderSURRENDERTextPage Scan
43I think I could work in a castle[I think I could work in a castle]TextPage Scan
44I think I'm right but I could be wrong[I think I'm right but I could be wrong]TextPage Scan
45I will look, and I will seeSAGINATextPage Scan
46If we're not the ones who do itHANSON PLACETextPage Scan
47I'm marching, marching on my trailOLD HUNDREDTHTextPage Scan
48In the end, where will we be?ASSURANCETextPage Scan
49Informed people tend to live their lives responsiblyHELMSLEYTextPage Scan
50Injustice to you is injustice to meST. CLEMENTTextPage Scan
51Intelligence is a bouquetST. MARGARETTextPage Scan
52It's great to know some things by heartREPTONTextPage Scan
53I've never known a sinner and I doubt I ever willAZMONTextPage Scan
54Journey forward, study ev'rythingGOD BE WITH YOU TILL WE MEET AGAINTextPage Scan
55Just because it's etched in goldMONKS GATETextPage Scan
56In our journey let's spend time in theHYFRYDOLTextPage Scan
57Let's make clean water a rightITALIAN HYMNTextPage Scan
58Let's ride in our time machinesGARDENTextPage Scan
59Let's start a big commotion so ev'rybody knowsTHAXTEDTextPage Scan
60Suffering 'round the worldSPARROWTextPage Scan
61Let's try something diff'rent that we've not tried beforeEVANGELTextPage Scan
62Long Road, Long Road, where you take me?MEINE HOFFNUNG STEHET FESTETextPage Scan
63Make just one brand new friendFOUNDATIONTextPage Scan
64May we make moments of peace and of lightDUKE STREETTextPage Scan
65No cheers for David, no cheers for GoliathO PERFECT LOVETextPage Scan
66No need to sing the same notesWIR PFLUGENTextPage Scan
67Nonviolence may take a long timeREDEEMEDTextPage Scan
68Learning to read and learning to writeALL IN THE APRIL EVENINGTextPage Scan
69Nothing's heavy with lots of handsHENDONTextPage Scan
70Oh child do not despairST. THOMASTextPage Scan
71Ojalá that luck will comeHOLY GOD WE PRAISE THY NAMETextPage Scan
72Onward, upward here we goST. GERTRUDETextPage Scan
73Open, open up the windowAUSTRIAN HYMNTextPage Scan
74Our garden full of flowersPASSION CHORALETextPage Scan
75Pain can cause thoughts that never relaxADELAIDETextPage Scan
76If you could see me now, Parents Gone, Parents GoneWONDROUS LOVETextPage Scan
77Past performance is no guaranteeMANNHEIMTextPage Scan
78Peace is not what I looked for[Peace is not what I looked for]TextPage Scan
79I've got peace like a riverPEACE LIKE A RIVERTextPage Scan
80People are more than the worst they've doneABERYSTWYTHTextPage Scan
81People we need to meet[People we need to meet]TextPage Scan
82People will change when put in diff'rent situationsLOBE DEN HERRENTextPage Scan
83Relieving Suffering. It's all I care to singNEEDTextPage Scan
84Rise and Shine, a new day's dawningHOLY MANNATextPage Scan
85"Seen, Heard and Understood" If but we couldBETHANYTextPage Scan
86Skating, skating all aroundWESTMINSTER ABBEYTextPage Scan
87So many ways to live our livesBILLINGTextPage Scan
88Some are young, some oldWILL YOUR ANCHOR HOLDTextPage Scan
89Someday when guns are goneDENNISTextPage Scan
90Someone should clean up this mess!CWM RHONDDATextPage Scan
91Spent our treasure on U two thirty fiveWERE YOU THERETextPage Scan
92Standing at bat as the teams look at meHAMBURGTextPage Scan
93Step by step we march alongCHINATextPage Scan
94Storms will come and storms will goST. HELENTextPage Scan
95Striving to be someone who's richPENTECOSTTextPage Scan
96Swapping shoes with those we blameDIXTextPage Scan
97Tall oaks from little acorns growST. COLUMBATextPage Scan
98The greatest walk we'll ever takeJERUSALEMTextPage Scan
99The many truths that people carry with themFINLANDIATextPage Scan
100The only path to peace is peaceST. ANNETextPage Scan

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