A Selection of Hymns, from Various Authors, Supplementary for the Use of Christians. 1st ed.

Publisher: John Leibert, Jun'r / G. & .D. Billmeyer (printer), Germantown, Penn., 1816
Denomination: German Baptist Brethren (U.S.)
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IAll hail the pow'r of Jesu's name!Page Scan
IIAlmighty Maker, God!TextPage Scan
IIIAnd is the gospel peace and love?TextPage Scan
IVAnd let this feeble body failTextPage Scan
VAnd must I be to judgment broughtTextPage Scan
VIArise, my soul, ariseTextPage Scan
VIIAs birds their infant brood protectTextPage Scan
VIIIAscend thy throne, almighty KingTextPage Scan
IXAwake, Jerusalem, awakeTextPage Scan
XAwake my zeal, awake my loveTextPage Scan
XIAwake our souls (away our fears)Page Scan
XIIAway from ev'ry mortal carePage Scan
XIIIBe with me, Lord, where'er I goTextPage Scan
XIVBegin, my tongue, some heav'nly themePage Scan
XVBehold the Saviour of mankindTextPage Scan
XVIBlessed are the sons of GodTextPage Scan
XVIIBless, O my soul, the living GodTextPage Scan
XVIIIBurst, ye em'rald gates and bringPage Scan
XIXBy faith I live, by faith I seeTextPage Scan
XXChrist and his cross is all our themeTextPage Scan
XXICome, let us use the grace divineTextPage Scan
XXIICome, my soul, thy suit preparePage Scan
XXIIICome, Saviour Jesus, from above!TextPage Scan
XXIVCome, sound his praise abroadPage Scan
XXVDismiss us from the house of pray'rTextPage Scan
XXVIEarth has engross'd my love too longTextPage Scan
XXVIIFaith is the brightest evidencePage Scan
XXVIIIFar as thy name is knownPage Scan
XXIXFar from my thoughts vain world begonePage Scan
XXXFather, is not thy promise pledg'dTextPage Scan
XXXIFather of mercies, in thy wordTextPage Scan
XXXIIFrom all that's mortal, all that's vainTextPage Scan
XXXIIIGive me the wings of faith to risePage Scan
XXXIVGlorious things of thee are spokenTextPage Scan
XXXVGreat God, indulge my humble claimPage Scan
XXXVIHad I the tongues of Greeks and JewsPage Scan
XXXVIIHappy the heart where graces reignPage Scan
XXXVIIIHappy is he, whose early yearsTextPage Scan
XXXIXHark! my soul, it is the LordPage Scan
XLHark! the voice of love and mercyTextPage Scan
XLIHasten O Lord the latter dayTextPage Scan
XLIIHeal us, Immanuel, here we areTextPage Scan
XLIIIHonor and happiness uniteTextPage Scan
XLIVHow can I sink with such a propPage Scan
XLVHow did my heart rejoice to hearPage Scan
XLVIHow great, how solemn is the workTextPage Scan
XLVIIHow lost was my conditionPage Scan
XLVIIIHow sweet and awful is the placePage Scan
XLIXI hate the tempter and his charmsPage Scan
LI know that my Redeemer livesTextPage Scan
LII'll praise my Maker while I've breathPage Scan
LIII send the joys of earth awayPage Scan
LIIIIn boundless mercy, gracious Lord appearTextPage Scan
LIVIn evil long I took delightPage Scan
LVI waited patient for the LordPage Scan
LVIIsrael in ancient daysTextPage Scan
LVIIIt is a very pleasant thingTextPage Scan
LVIIIJerusalem, my happy homePage Scan
LIXJesus! and shall it ever bePage Scan
LXJesus, grant us all a blessingTextPage Scan
LXIJesus, I love thy charming nameTextPage Scan
LXIIJesus, mighty king in Sion!TextPage Scan
LXIIIJesus, our Lord, ascend thy thronePage Scan
LXIVJesus shall reign where'er the sunPage Scan
LXVJesus, the all sustaining WordTextPage Scan
LXVIJesus, thou everlasting KingTextPage Scan
LXVIILet the seventh angel sound on highPage Scan
LXVIIILet ev'ry tongue thy goodness speakPage Scan
LXIXLife is the time to serve the LordPage Scan
LXXLike sheep we went astrayPage Scan
LXXILike showers on meadows newly mownTextPage Scan
LXXIILong as I live, I'll bless thy namePage Scan
LXXIIILong have I sat beneath the soundPage Scan
LXXIVLook down, O Lord, with pitying eyeTextPage Scan
LXXVLord, at thy sacred feetTextPage Scan
LXXVILord, at thy temple we appearPage Scan
LXXVIILord, I cannot let thee goPage Scan
LXXVIIILord, 'tis a pleasant thing to standPage Scan
LXXIXLoud let the tuneful trumpet soundTextPage Scan
LXXXMagnificent free grace, ariseTextPage Scan
LXXXIMake up thy jewels, Lord, and shew TextPage Scan
LXXXIIMark the soft-falling snowTextPage Scan
LXXXIIIMy dear Redeemer, and my LordPage Scan
LXXXIVMy God, how endless is thy love!Page Scan
LXXXVMy God, in whom are all the springsPage Scan
LXXXVIMy God, what silken cords are thine!TextPage Scan
LXXXVIIMy hope, my all, my Saviour thou TextPage Scan
LXXXVIIIMy Saviour, my almighty FriendPage Scan
LXXXIXMy Shepherd will supply my needPage Scan
XCMy soul, survey thy happinessTextPage Scan
XCINo more, my God, I boast no morePage Scan
XCIINow shall my inward joys arisePage Scan
XCIIINow shall our souls with pleasure raiseTextPage Scan
XCIVO thou God of my salvationTextPage Scan
XCVO when shall I see Jesus Page Scan
XCVIOf all the pleasures that we knowTextPage Scan
XCVIIOh, for a closer walk with God!TextPage Scan
XCVIIIOh! give me Lord my sins to mournTextPage Scan
XCIXOh, if my soul was form'd for woePage Scan
COn Jordan's stormy banks I standTextPage Scan

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