The Dayton Harmonist: A Collection of Works of John Bayer

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2Far from my heart and tents excludeAGUR'S WISH
3Far from my heart and tents excludeAGUR'S WISH 2
4No from the dust affliction growsBEALLE
5I long to see the seasons comeBOWEN
6The one thing needful that good partCHILDERS
7tJesus the man of constant griefDAY
7bIn all my Lord's appointed waysDEETER'S POND
8Ye sons of pride that hate the justDUKEDOM
9Lo! he cometh countless trumpetsGARBER
10How swiftly time's revolving wheelsGOODELL
11tLet party names no moreGOSHEN
11bHush, my dear! Lie still and slumberHANS
12Ye dying sons of menGRAVES COUNTY
13Time speeds away, away, awayHARPERS LAMENT (OR RUNIE'S FAREWELL)
14Ye sons of earth prepare the plowHECK
15See the Christian in that dayHOW I WANT TO GO
16Wake sisters wake! The daystar shinesHYMN OF THE DUNKERS
17tNot diff'rent food not diff'rent dressIVA
17bDear is the spot where Christians sleepLAFUZE
18Come let me love; or is my mindLAVY
19tIn Sharon's lovely RoseLITTLE BEAR CREEK
19bCome harpers ye singers and hear me relateLOST HARP
20Madness by nature reigns withinMADNESS
21tAs birds their infant brood protectMARCIA
21bAh! Wretched vile ungrateful heart!MIAMI VALLEY
22tPlung'd in a gulf of dark despairNANCY ANN
22bTis night and the landscape is lovely no moreNIGHT OF THE GRAVE
23What contradictions meet in ministers employNEW MARTIN
24Jesus drinks the bitter cupOHIO
25Now from the garden to the crossOKEEFENOKEE
26tDisciples of Christ, ye friends of the lambOLD BRETHREN
26bI'm a lonely trav'ler here Weary oppressedPALESTINE
27On willows near to Babel's floodREGINA'S SONG
28Wise are they and truly bless'dSELF EXAMINATION
29And why, dear Savior tell me why?SO DID WE
30tDeserters to the camp returnSTONER
30bDismiss us with thy blessing, LordSURP
31tO Jesus my Savior I know thou art mineSYMYADDA
31bHad I the tongues of Greeks and JewsTINKLING BRASS
32tNo I shall envy them no moreVAIN PROSPERITY
32bNot all the outward forms on earthVIRGIL
33Precious Bible what a treasureWANT NO MORE
34Faithful to thy post oh brotherWAYCROSS
35tTis a point I long to knowWEST THIRD
35bChristians if your hearts be warmWINTER SOLDIERS
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