Voices United: The Hymn and Worship Book of The United Church of Canada

Committee Chair: Nancy E. Hardy, Leonard Lythgoe
Hymnary.org Indexer: Stephen Benner
Publisher: The United Church Publishing House, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada, 1996
Denomination: The United Church of Canada
Language: English; French; German
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101Songs of thankfulness and praiseSALZBURG (HINTZE)TextPage Scan
102Jesus on the mountain peakMOWSLEYTextPage Scan
103How good, Lord to be here!CARLISLETextPage Scan
104We have come at Christ's own biddingABBOT'S LEIGHTextPage Scan
105Dust and ashes touch our faceNEWELLText
106God our Creator, you have formed us out of the dust of the earth
107Sunday's Palms are Wednesday's ashesSUNDAY'S PALMS
108Throughout these Lenten days and nightsWINCHESTER NEWTextPage Scan
109Now quit your care and anxious fear and worryQUITTEZ, PASTEURS
110God of love, as in Jesus Christ you gave yourself to us
111As the sun with longer journeyPICARDY
112Our God, how we have wanderedLANCASHIRE
113To the desert Jesus cameTOGETHER THROUGH THE VALLEY
114Forty days and forty nightsHEINLEINText
115Jesus, tempted in the desertBEACH SPRING
116Giver of the perfect giftSONG 13Text
117Jesus Christ is waitingNOËL NOUVELET
118Wonder and stare[Wonder and stare]
119When we are tempted to deny your SonFAITH
120O Jesus, I have promisedDAY OF RESTTextPage Scan
121Tree of Life and awesome mysteryTHOMAS
122You are the King of IsraelST THEODULPH (VALET WILL ICH DIR GEBEN)Text
123Hosanna, loud hosannaELLACOMBETextPage Scan
124He came riding on a donkeyDONKEY SONG
125We praise you, O God, for your redemption of the world
126Ride on, ride on, the time is rightRIDE ON
127Ride on! Ride on in majesty!THE KING'S MAJESTYText
128Sanna, sannanina, sanna, sanna, sannaSANNANINAText
129Said Judas to MaryJUDAS AND MARYTextPage Scan
130An upper room did our Lord prepareTextPage Scan
131If our God had simply saved usDAYEINUTextPage Scan
132Bitter was the nightBITTER WAS THE NIGHTTextPage Scan
133Go to dark GethsemaneREDHEAD No. 76TextPage Scan
134Shadows gather, deep and coldKASLO
135Beneath the cross of JesusST CHRISTOPHERTextPage Scan
136O come and mourn with me awhileST CROSSTextPage Scan
137The Love that clothes itself in lightAPANÁSText
138Ah, holy Jesus, how have you offendedHERZLIEBSTER JESUTextPage Scan
139At the cross her vigil keepingSTABAT MATERTextPage Scan
140Crucified saviour, naked GodPage Scan
141They crucified my LordA MUMBALIN' WORDTextPage Scan
142Jesus, keep me near the crossNEAR THE CROSSTextPage Scan
143My song is love unknownLOVE UNKNOWNText
144Were you there when they crucified my Lord?WERE YOU THEREText
145O sacred head, sore wounded (Ô douloureux visage)PASSION CHORALETextPage Scan
146When Jesus wept, the falling tearWHEN JESUS WEPTText
147What wondrous love is this, O my soul (Ô merveilleux amour pour ma vie)WONDROUS LOVEText
148Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdomREMEMBER METext
149When I survey the wondrous cross (Quand je me tourne vers la croix)COMMUNION (ROCKINGHAM)TextPage Scan
150God of passionate and vulnerable lovePage Scan
151Come, Christians, follow where your Saviour trodCRUCIFERTextPage Scan
152There is a green hill far awayHORSLEYTextPage Scan
153When the Son of God was dying, long agoGOLGOTHA
154"Why has God forsaken me?"SHIMPI
155Jesus Christ is risen today, hallelujahEASTER HYMNText
156Un nouveau matin se lève, Alléluia!EASTER HYMN
157Christ the Lord is risen today, hallelujah!EASTER HYMNText
158Christ is alive! Let Christians singTRUROTextPage Scan
159The strife is o'er, the battle doneVICTORYText
160Louange à toi, Seigneur Jésus!VICTORY
161Welcome, happy morning! age to age shall sayHERMASText
162The glory of our King was seenMORNING SONGText
163Lo, the fair beauty of earthSALVE, FESTA DIESText
164The day of resurrection!ELLACOMBETextPage Scan
165Come, you faithful, raise the strainAVE VIRGO VIRGINUMTextPage Scan
166Weeping may comeDAWN
167Christ is risen from the deadKING OF KINGSText
168The risen Christ, who walks on wounded feetWOODLANDS
169Good Christians all, rejoice and singVULPIUS (GELOBT SEI GOTT)Text
170O sons and daughters, let us sing!O FILII ET FILIAEText
171Chrétiens, chantons le Dieu vainqueurO FILII ET FILIAE
172Now Christ is risen from the dead![Now Christ is risen]
173À toi la gloire (Thine is the glory)JUDAS MACCABAEUSTextPage Scan
174God of resurrection, you have rolled the stone awayPage Scan
175Christ has conquered death at lastEASTER JOY
176Who is there on this Easter morningFRAGRANCEText
177This joyful EastertideVRUECHTENText
178Because you live, O ChristVRUECHTENText
179Jesus is Lord of all the earthALLELUIA NO. 1
180Daughters of JerusalemOPGESTAAN
181Midnight sharpness, starfields, fadingTASHME
182Stay with us through the nightCASSWELL
183We meet you, O Christ, in many a guiseLIFETextPage Scan
184As we walked home at close of dayANGELUS
185You tell me that the Lord is risenNOËL
186Now the green blade rises from the buried grainNOËL NOUVELET
187The spring has comeVERVACITYTextPage Scan
188God of grace and gloryPage Scan
189Hail the day that sees him riseASCENSION (MONK)TextPage Scan
190The head that once was crowned with thornsST MAGNUSTextPage Scan
191Mighty God, by your power you raised Jesus Christ to rule over us
192Forsaking chariots of fireTHE SAVIOUR LEAVES
193Gracious Spirit, Holy GhostCAPETOWNTextPage Scan
194Filled with the Spirit's power, with one accordNATIONAL HYMNTextPage Scan
195On Pentecost they gatheredMUNICH
196Wind who makes all winds that blowABERYSTWYTH
197God, Holy Spirit, come to us, come among usPage Scan
198Come, O Spirit, dwell among usEBENEZERTextPage Scan
199Creative Spirit, come to usVENI CREATOR SPIRITUSTextPage Scan
200O Holy Spirit, by whose breath (Viens, Saint-Esprit, Dieu créateur)VENI CREATOR SPIRITUS

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