The whole book of Psalms: collected into English metre

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IThe man is blest that hath not lentText
IIWhy did the Gentiles tumults raise?Text
IIIO Lord how are my foes increasedText
IVO God thou art my righteousnessText
VIncline thine ears O Lord and letText
VILord in thy wrath reprove me notText
VIIO Lord my God I put my trustText
VIIIO God our Lord how wonderfulText
IXWith heart and mouth to thee O LordText
XWhat is the cause that thou O LordText
XIIn God the Lord I put my trustText
XIIHelp Lord for good and godly menText
XIIIHow long wilt thou forget me Lord?Text
XIVThere is no God do foolish menText
XVWithin thy tabernacle LordText
XVILord keep me for I trust in theeText
XVIIO Lord give ear to my just causeText
XVIIIO God my strength and fortitudeText
XIXThe heav'ns and firmament on highText
XXIn trouble and adversityText
XXIO Lord how joyful is the kingText
XXIIO God my God wherefore dost thouText
XXIIIaThe Lord is only my supportText
XXIIIbMy Shepherd is the living LordText
XXIVThe earth is all the Lord's with allText
XXVI Lift my heart to theeText
XXVILord be my judge and thou shalt seeText
XXVIIThe Lord is both my health and lightText
XXVIIIThou art O Lord my strength and stayText
XXIXGive to the Lord ye potentatesText
XXXAll laud and praise with heart and voiceText
XXXIO Lord I put my trust in theeText
XXXIIThe man is blest whose wickednessText
XXXIIIYe righteous in the Lord rejoiceText
XXXIVI will give laud and honor bothText
XXXVLord plead my cause against my foesText
XXXVIThe wicked by his works unjustText
XXXVIIGrudge not to see the wicked menText
XXXVIIIPut me not to rebuke O LordText
XXXIXI said "I will look to my waysText
XLI waited long and sought the LordText
XLIThe man is blest that doth provideText
XLIILike as the hart doth pant and brayText
XLIIIJudge and defend my cause O LordText
XLIVOur ears have heard Our fathers tellText
XLVMy heart doth take in handText
XLVIThe Lord is our defense and aidText
XLVIIYe people all with one accordText
XLVIIIGreat is the Lord and with great praiseText
XLIXAll people hearken and give earText
LaThe mighty God th'Eternal hath thus spokeText
LbThe God of gods the LordText
LIaO Lord consider my distressText
LIbHave mercy on me Lord afterText
LIIWhy dost thou tyrant boast abroadText
LIIIThe foolish man within his heartText
LIVGod save me for thy holy NameText
LVO God give ear and speedilyText
LVIHave mercy Lord on me I prayText
LVIITake pity for thy promise sakeText
LVIIIYe rulers that are put in trustText
LIXSend aid and save me from my foesText
LXO Lord thou didst us clean forsakeText
LXIRegard O Lord for I complainText
LXIIMy soul to God shall give good heedText
LXIIIO God my God I early seekText
LXIVO Lord unto my voice give earText
LXVThy praise alone O Lord doth reignText
LXVIYe men on earth in God rejoiceText
LXVIIHave mercy on us LordText
LXVIIILet God arise and then his foesText
LXIXSave me O God and that with speed.Text
LXXO God to me take heedText
LXXIMy Lord my God in all distressText
LXXIILord give thy judgments to the kingText
LXXIIITruly the Lord is very goodText
LXXIVWhy art thou Lord so long from usText
LXXVTo thee O God will we give thanksText
LXXVITo all that now in Judah dwellText
LXXVIII with my voice to God did cryText
LXXVIIIAttend my people to my lawText
LXXIXO God the Gentiles do invadeText
LXXXThou Shepherd that dost Israel keepText
LXXXIBe light and glad in God rejoiceText
LXXXIIAmong the princes men of mightText
LXXXIIIDo not O God refrain thy tongueText
LXXXIVHow pleasant is thy dwelling-placeText
LXXXVThou hast been merciful indeedText
LXXXVILord bow thine ear to my requestText
LXXXVIIThat city shall full well endureText
LXXXVIIILord God of health the hope and stayText
LXXXIXTo sing the mercies of the LordText
XCLord hast been our sure defenseText
XCIHe that within the secret placeText
XCIIIt is a thing both good and meetText
XCIIIThe Lord doth reign and clothed isText
XCIVO Lord thou dost revenge all wrongText
XCVO Come let us lift up our voiceText
XCVISing ye with praise unto the LordText
XCVIIThe Lord doth reign for which the earthText

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