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Hymnal Title
The Chorus: or, a collection of choruses and hymns, selected and original, adapted especially to the class-room, and to meetings for prayer and Christian conference (7th ed., Imp. and Enl.)
The Christ We Forget and Twenty-One Other New Songs
The Christian Church Hymnal
The Christian Companion; or, Camp-Meeting Hymn Book
The Christian Harmonist: containing a set of tunes adapted to all the metres in Mr. Rippon's Selection of Hymns, in the collection of hymns by Mr. Joshua Smith, and in Dr. Watt's Psalms and Hymns...
The Christian Harmony
The Christian Harmony: in the seven-syllable character note system of music;... 2010 Revised Edition
The Christian Harmony: in the Seven-Syllable Character Note System. Rev. ed.
The Christian Harp and Sabbath School Songster: designed for the use of the social religious circle, revivals, and the Sabbath school (14th ed.)
The Christian Hymn Book
The Christian Hymn Book (Ohio Auglaize Christian Conference)
The Christian Hymn Book. 7th ed.
The Christian Hymn Book: a compilation of psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, original and selected (Rev. and enl.)
The Christian Hymn-Book (Corr. and Enl., 3rd. ed.)
The Christian Hymnal
The Christian Hymnal, Hymns with Tunes for the Services of the Church
The Christian Hymnal: a choice collection of hymns and tunes for congregational and social worship
The Christian hymnal: a collection of hymns and tunes for congregational and social worship; in two parts (Rev.)
The Christian Hymnal: a selection of psalms and hymns with music, for use in public worship
The Christian hymnal: for the church, home and bible schools
The Christian Hymnary. Bks. 1-4
The Christian hymnary: a selection of hymns & tunes for Christian worship
The Christian Hymnist
The Christian Life Hymnal
The Christian Lyre
The Christian Lyre
The Christian Lyre. Vol. II
The Christian Lyre: adapted for use in families, prayer meetings, and revivals of religion
The Christian Lyre: Vol I (8th ed. rev.)
The Christian Melodist, a Collection of Popular Songs, for Use in Public and Social Meetings ...
The Christian Melodist: a new collection of hymns for social religious worship
The Christian Minstrel: a New System of Musical Notation with a Collection of Psalm Tunes, Anthems, and Chants. 3rd ed.
The Christian Minstrel: a New System of Musical Notations; with a Collectionof Psalm Tunes, Anthems, & Chants ... 104th ed.
The Christian Psalmist
The Christian Psalmist (Numeral ed.) 10th ed., 1st rev. ed.
The Christian Psalmist: being a collection of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs compiled from the most approved authors, and designed as a standard hymn book for public and social worship
The Christian Psalmist; or, Watts' Psalms and Hymns: with copious selections from other sources; the whole carefully revised and arranged, with directions for musical expression
The Christian Psalter
The Christian Songster: a collection of hymns and spiritual songs, usually sung at camp, prayer, and social meetings, and revivals of religion. Designed for all denominations
The Christian Sunday School Hymnal: a compilation of choice hymns and tunes for Sunday schools
The Christian Union Revival Songster
The Christian Witness Songs
The Christian's Duty: exhibited in a series of hymns collected from various authors designed for the worship of God, and for the edification of Christians (2nd ed.)
The Christian's Harp: containing a choice selection of psalm and hymn tunes, suited to the various metres now in use among the different religious denominations..(Corrected, enlarged and much improved
The Christian's Pocket Companion
The Christians Duty, exhibited, in a series of Hymns: collected from various authors, designed for the worship of God, and for the edification of Christians (1st Ed.)
The Christians' Songster
The Christmas Revels Songbook: Carols, Processionals, Rounds, Ritual & Children's Songs in Celebration of the Winter Solstice
The Christmas Sky
The Church and School

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