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How firm a foundation, ye saint of the Lord
How Firm a Foundation!#739
How gentle God's commands!
How Gentle God's Commands!#672
How much owest thou?
How Much Owest Thou?#268
How solemn are the words
How Solemn are the Words#147
How sweet the name of Jesus sounds
How Sweet the Name#145
Hush'd was the ev'ning hymn
Hushed was the Evening Hymn#584
I am coming to the cross
I am Coming to the Cross#54
I am far frae my hame, an' I'm weary aftenwhiles
My Ain Countrie#344
I am now a child of God
I am Sweeping through the Gate#244
I am resting so sweetly in Jesus now!
The Anchored Soul#229
I am so glad that our Father in heaven
Jesus Loves Even me#3
I am Thine, O Lord, I have heard Thy voice
Draw Me Nearer#165
I am waiting for the Master
Waiting at the Door#352
I believed in God's wonderful mercy and grace
Believe, and Keep on Believing!#474
I bring my sins to Thee
I Bring my Sins to Thee#170
I came a wand'rer, and alone
I came a Wanderer#490
I could not do without Thee
I Could not do Without Thee#743
I feel like singing all the time
Praise Him all the Time!#350
I gave My life for thee
"I Gave My Life for Thee"#122
I have a Saviour, He's pleading in glory
I Am Praying for You#106
I have entered the valley of blessing so sweet
The Valley of Blessing#50
I have heard of a land far away
I Long to be There!#287
I have heard of a Saviour's love
A Song of Salvation#258
I have read of a beautiful city
The Beautiful City#403
I hear my dying Saviour say
"Follow Me!"#451
I hear the Saviour say
All to Christ I Owe#53
I hear the words of love
I Hear the Words of Love#390
I hear Thy welcome voice
I Hear Thy Welcome Voice#10
I heard the voice of Jesus say
I heard the voice of Jesus say#77
I heard the voice of Jesus say
I Heard the Voice of Jesus say#610
I know I love Thee better, Lord
I know I love Thee better, Lord!#447
I know not the hour when my Lord will come
That will be Heaven for Me#23
I know not what awaits me
He Knows#377
I know not why God's wondrous grace
"I Know Whom I have Believed"#452
I know that Jesus ever lives
I know that Jesus ever Lives#486
I know that my Redeemer lives
I Know that my Redeemer Lives#638
I lay my sins on Jesus
I Lay my Sins on Jesus#260
I left it all with Jesus
I Left it All with Jesus#28
I looked to Jesus in my sin
I Looked to Jesus#457
I love Thy kingdom, Lord
The Church and the Kingdome#222
I love to hear the story
I Love to Hear the Story#517
I love to steal awhile away
I Love to Steal Awhile Away#634
I love to tell the story
I Love to Tell the Story#51
I love to think of the heavenly land
The Heavenly Land#97
I must walk thro' the valley of the shadow
Through the Valley of the Shadow#516
I need Thee ev'ry hour
I Need Thee Every Hour#84
I one was a stranger
Jehovah Tsidhenu#735
I sat alone with life's momories
In Sight of the Crystal Sea#597
I saw a way-worn trav'ller
"Deliverance will Come!"#302
I should like to die, said Willie, if my papa could die too
If Papa were Only Ready!#415


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