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A blessing for you - will you take it?
Choose Ye To-Day#226
A drunkard reached his cheerless home
Renounce the Cup#110
A few more marchings weary
A Few More Marchings Weary#498
A few more years shall roll
A Few more Years shall Roll#665
A guilty soul by Pharisees of old
"There is None Righteous"#555
A little pilgrim on life's way
Jesus, my Saviour!#411
A long time I wandered in darkness and sin
I Know He is Mine#40
A mighty fortress is our God
A Mighty Fortress#723
A ruler once came to Jesus by night
Ye Must be Born Again#379
Abide with me: fast falls the eventide
Abide with Me!#731
Afflictions, tho' they seem severe
The Prodigal's Return#462
Alas! and did my Saviour bleed?
Remember Me#86
All glory to Jesus be given
Mighty to Save#185
All hail the power of Jesus' name!
All Hail the Power#140
All hail the power of Jesu's name!
All Hail the Power!#646
All my doubts i give to Jesus!
Fully Trusting#207
All people that on earth do dwell
All People that on Earth#83
All the way my Saviour leads me
All the Way#131
All ye that bass by
All Ye that Pass By#737
"Almost persuaded" now to believe
Almost Persuaded#52
Am I a soldier of the cross
Am I a Soldier of the Cross?#75
Amazing grace, how sweet the sound
Amazing Grace#231
Angels, from the realms of glory
Angels, from the Realms of Glory!#680
Approach, my soul, the mercy seat
The Mercy Seat#649
Are you coming Home, ye wand'rers
Are You Coming Home To-night?#397
Arise, my soul, arise
Arise, my Soul, Arise!#163
Art thou weary? art thou languid?
Art Thou Weary?#261
As I wandered 'round the homestead
My Mother's Prayer#343
As pants the hart for cooling streams
As Pants the Hart#643
As when the Hebrew prophet raised
As when the Hebrew prophet raised#440
As with gladness men of old
As with Gladness#699
Asleep in Jesus! blessed sleep!
Asleep in Jesus#620
Assembled at Thy great command
Assembled at Thy Great Command#625
At even, were the sun was set
At Even#431
At the feast of Belshazzar and a thousand of his lords
The Handwriting on the Wall#549
At the feet of Jesus
At the Feet of Jesus#203
Awake and sing the song
Awake, and Sing the Song!#412
Awake, awake, O heart of mine!
Awake, Awake! O Heart of Mine!#605
Awake! for the trumpet is sounding!
Awake! the Trumpet is Sounding!#442
Awake, my soul, in joyful lays
Be glad in the Lord and rejoice
Rejoice in the Lord#291
Be present at our table, Lord
Be Present at our Table, Lord (Grace Before Meat)#629a
Be ye strong in the Lord and the power of His might!
"Be ye Strong in the Lord!"#567
Beautiful the fields beyond the river!
Altogether Lovely!#583
Beautiful valley of Eden!
Beautiful Valley of Eden!#315
Before Jehovah's awful throne
Before Jehovah's Awful Throne#143
Begone, unbelief
Begone, Unbelief!#734
Behold a Fountain deep and wide
The Cleansing Fountain#509
Behold, how good a thing it is
Behold, how good a thing it is#437
Behold Me standing at the door
Behold Me Standing at the Door!#319


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