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TitleHymnal Number
All I have I leave for Jesus
Trusting in His Word#280
All joy His loved ones bringing
When Jesus Comes#22
All the storms will soon be over
The Golden Shore#407
And can it be that He loved me
Once I Was Dead in Sin#115
And take me as I am!
Take Me as I Am#327
Are you coming Home to-night?
Are You Coming Home To-night?#397
Are you washed in the blood
Have You Been to Jesus?#398
Arise and shine in youth immortal
Arise and Shine#180
Arise! arise!
Arise, thy Light is Come!#561
Ask the Saviour to help you
Yield Not to Temptation#135
At the cross! at the cross!
At the Cross!#504
At the feet of Jesus
At the Feet of Jesus#203
Awake, awake, O heart of mine!
Awake, Awake! O Heart of Mine!#605
Be waiting and watching
Waiting and Watching for Me#195
Beautiful falley of Eden!
Beautiful Valley of Eden!#315
Beautiful words! wonderful words!
Wonderful Words of Life!#272
Behold Me standing at the door
Behold Me Standing at the Door!#319
Behold, the Bridegroom cometh!
Behold, the Bridegroom Cometh#100
Behold, what manner of love!
Behold, what Love!#391
Believe! and the "feeling" may come or may go
Believe, and Keep on Believing!#474
Believe it, O sinner, believe it
Beyond the swelling flood!
Beyond the Swelling Flood#577
Bless me now! bless me now!
Bless Me Now#120
Blessed Homeland, ever fair!
The Blessed Home-Land#515
Blessed hope! blessed hope!
Blessed Hope!#417
Blessed hour of prayer!
'Tis the Blessed Hour of Prayer#276
Blessed Jesus, loving Saviour!
Out of Darkness into Light#329
Born again we all must be
Born Again#254
Bringing in the sheaves!
Bringing in the Sheaves!#274
But I know whom I have believed
"I Know Whom I have Believed"#452
By and by
Some Sweet Day, By and By#489
By and by we shall meet Him
Triumph By and By!#401
"By and by," we sing it softly
"By and By"#246
By the gate they'll meet us
By the Gate they'll Meet us#256
Calling today! calling today!
Jesus is Calling!#464
Calling yet, on, hear Him!
God is Calling Yet!#547
Carried by the angels to the land of rest
"Carried by the Angels"#575
Christ is coming! Christ is coming!
Christ is Coming!#531
Cling to the Bible!
Cling to the Bible!#465
Close to Thee, close to Thee
Close to Thee#172
Come believing! come believing!
Come Believing!#514
Come! come! wanderer, come!
Come, Wanderer, Come!#325
Come home! come home!
For You and for Me#458
Come home! Come, oh, come home, come home!
The Prodigal Child#13
Come! oh, come to Me!
Come, there's room! come, there's room!
Little Mary#371
Come to the Light, 'tis shining for thee
The Light of the World#123
Come to the shining land!
Fair Is the Morning Land#351
Come to this Fountain!
The Cleansing Fountain#509
Come unto Me! oh, come unto Me
"Come unto Me!"#505


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