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Timeless Truths collection added

The Timeless Truths hymn collection has been added to the Hymnary's database, expanding it by 1,132 hymns! Most of these include complete lyrics, printable music and a MIDI file.

Adopt a hymnal!

As you can see, the Hymnary has an ever-growing list of hymnals. But this is barely the tip of the hymnological iceberg. It's easy to add your favorite hymnal to the Hymnary. Instructions are available to lead you through the process and there's an online group supporting those who are adding and editing hymnals.

Episcopal Hymnal Added

Check out the recently-added 1982 Hymnal of the Episcopal Church which contains over a thousand hymns on forty-one different topics.

What Doesn't the Hymnary Do?

By now you've probably poked around the Hymnary enough to know that it is a powerful tool for researching and enjoying hymns. "Is there anything," you ask, "that the Hymnary doesn't do?" Well, here's one: the Hymnary doesn't grant licensing permission.

Hymnists Rejoice!

The Hymnal of the Church of God has been added to our collection of hymnals. Look for more updates in the upcoming weeks.

New Hymnals Added

Our collection of hymnals is growing. Be sure to check out the 1991 Baptist Hymnal, the Celebration Hymnal, and the brand new 2008 Baptist Hymnal. A complete list of all our hymnals is available by clicking the "Hymnals" tab at the top of the page.

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