Essie Haynes

My grandmother was Essie Haynes and one of the authors of Wonderful, Beautiful Mansions from the Humble Hearts hymnal published in 1945. The dedication was to Robert Haynes who was my uncle and stationed in the South Pacific when the song was written.

The family has been aware of another hymn that she authored, but we did not know the publication and no one had a copy. I believe that to be in the Salvation Songs for Children #D8 listed under Essie Haynes. I've ordered a copy and hopefully I can verify her as the author.

This site shows two additional hymns under the name of Essie Haynes. I would like to find out if those were hers, as well. If so, I'd also be interested in obtaining copies. Does anyone know how I could verify this information?

Lastly, I noticed there is no biography shown for Essie Haynes. I would be happy to write one if someone could tell me the procedure to do so.

Thank you,
Jeff Haynes


Bio of Essie Haynes

We would love to have you write a bio of Essie Haynes. Email it to "info at hymnary dot org"

Bio for Essie Haynes

I will write a short bio and get an email to you soon.

Jeff Haynes

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