Thy Holy Wings - (I Lift My Soul) - (Choral Score)

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Michael Burkhardt
Instrumentation: Bass Cello Clarinet Oboe Piano Unison
Difficulty: Easy
Season: Pentecost
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Thy Holy Wings - (Flute and Cello Parts) (download)
Cello Flute
Thy Holy Wings (I Lift My Soul) - (Instrumental Parts) (download)
Thy Holy Wings - (Choral Score)
Bass Cello Flute Keyboard Pentecost SATB Moderately Easy
Thy Holy Wings (I Lift My Soul)
C Instrument Organ Piano TTBB Violin Moderately Easy
Scored for Bass, Cello, Clarinet, Oboe, Piano, Unison Choir

Swedish folk melody on the tune BRED DINA VIDA VINGAR accompanied by flowing keyboard figurations and instrumental countermelody. Double-texted anthem: "I Lift My Soul" for morning use.

Instrumental parts available separately, 50-5552A.

Voicing: Unison Treble Voices or Two-Part Treble Voices or Three-Part Treble Voices
Instruments: Piano, opt. Oboe, Clarinet, Cello/Bass Instrument, Chamber Ensemble
Topics: Hope/Assurance