Traditional Hymn Tunes for Today’s Ensemble

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Roberts, Anne
Instrumentation: C Instrument
Format: Sheet Music
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Scored for C Instrument

For Piano, Solo Handbells and 1 or 2 Solo Instruments

Traditional Hymn Tunes for Today's Ensemble is composed of five contemporary arrangements for piano and other instruments, including parts for solo handbells. These fresh arrangements of traditional hymn tunes are flexible enough to accommodate a wide variety of instrumental combinations. The handbell solo part can be performed on any C instrument such as violin, recorder, flute or oboe. The additional, optional solo instruments are identified on the full score as C Inst. I and C Inst. II, however, the individual score for C Inst. II is provided in both C and B-flat-offering an even greater range of instrument choices. All individual scores are included with the edition. The handbell score can be rung using either a three-octave set or a four-octave set of handbells or handchimes. A “Handbells Used Chart” is included in the handbell score. Traditional Hymn Tunes for Today's Ensemble is well suited for traditional, blended, and contemporary styles of worship.

Instrumental Parts:
Parts for Handbell Solo or C Instrument, accompanied by one or two C Instruments (Bb part also included for instrument 2).