Problem with tunes for "Stay, thou insulted Spirit, stay"

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There are 367 instances of this hymn, of which 10 have tunes entered in the database.

Two of these are FEDERAL STREET.

The rest are all different.

But when I click on the link that says "All tunes published with 'Stay, thou insulted Spirit, stay'" at the text page, rather than bringing up a page with links to the nine tunes involved and showing some additional detail, the link goes directly to WINDHAM! Same thing happens if I click on the "Other" part of the pie chart. (FEDERAL STREET's slice of the pie works properly.) To make matters just a little more confusing, the tune shown as a thumbnail at the top of the page is UXBRIDGE, presumably because that is what Cyber Hymnal uses.


When I click on the "All texts used with..." link it takes me directly to Con Cristo empazaré.

I am not getting that result this morning. The site may just have been wonky. If you continue to have problems, let us know.

Do you have the "My Hymnals" box checked? Try unchecking it.