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When searching for all texts by an author, it would be very useful if the results would include the earliest known publication date for each returned text. Is this feature availalbe? If not, can it be added?

I'm trying to establish the earliest date Mrs. J. M. Hunter began writing, but it's a thankless task go to through her hundreds of titles one by one. If the search results would include the earliest known publication year for each of her hymn texts, we could sort the results by the year column to determine the author's latest possible birthdate. That would at least narrow down our searches in other sources.


None of her hymns are in hymnals that are fully indexed -- so the only date we have available is the publication date of the hymnal in which she published hymns. However, you can do a search for instances of her hymns and show the "publication date" field, to get the dates of the hymnals publishing her hymns. I did that, and the dates were 1902-1923.