Feature request: rolling copyright expiration

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Since we in the US are now finally caught up with the rolling expiration of copyright term, it would be great to have a date-aware feature for the page scans of copyrighted songs. As far as I can tell, the current display permissions are static. For example, I'm working on a hymnal published in 1923. At the time the images were attached (some time ago), the "Copyright 1923" hymns were entered with a display permission of "Nobody". Now I'm needing to manually change those to "Everybody" since the copyrights have expired.

Although copyright term is a little complex, it would be great to have at least a "95-year" license option available, so the display permissions will be automatically reset once the term has expired. Barring any new copyright legislation, this shouldn't have to be a manual job each year.


Our tech staff is working on a way to automatically change the permissions for page scans.