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I'm wondering why the name of William John Sparrow Simpson is given as Sparrow-Simpson (SparrowSimpsonWJ). The only source cited is Julian, who calls him "Mr. Simpson" and doesn't hyphenate the header. Wikipedia agrees and uses "Sparrow" as if it were his forename. It was apparently his father's middle name. 

Now on the other hand, Julian supports hyphenation of "Elizabeth Rundle-Charles", where our database treats calls her Charles_ElizabethRundle, and beginning in his Appendix (but not in the original dictionary) Julian calls her "Mrs. Rundle-Charles" and indicates that she preferred that form.


The standard we use for names is the form of the name as it is in the Library of Congress Name Authority files. (when LOC has an authority). This links the hymn writer to their other works. A librarian researches the usage and spelling of the person's name. LOC hyphenates Sparrow-Simpson and has Charles for the last name of Elizabeth Rundle Charles (no hyphen). They occasionaly make mistakes, usually by listing duplicates. Any one can report a mistake, but they should have sufficient evidence to back it up.

Thanks, Dianne.