The Wonder of It All

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Six of my hymnals contain this song by George Beverly Shea. Five of them (including my church's Hymnal for Worship and Celebration) give two stanzas, beginning "there's the wonder of sunset at evening" and "There's the wonder of springtime and harvest". One, Majesty Hymns, gives a third stanza, beginning "There's the wonder of God's revelation". I wrote to the hymnal's publishers and was assured that this was part of Mr. Shea's hymn, not something they had added. I'd be interested to know of other hymnals that contain this verse, and any information about hymnal editorial committees' or editors' reasons for excluding it. The shortening of five-stanza hymns to four is commonplace, and shortening four- or even six-stanza hymns to three is not uncommon, but I think it's rather unusual to see a recent, copyrighted, English-language hymn shortened down to two stanzas like this, and it seems to me there must be reasons or rationales.