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阿爸,我們來頌讚你,我們謙卑敬拜你;(Ā bà, wǒmen lái sòng zàn nǐ, wǒmen qiānbēi jìng bài nǐ;)
Robert S. Hawkes
A Babe in a manger, a man on the cross
O. O. Arnold
A babe is born of high nature
John Audelay
A babe lies in the cradle
Paul England
A Babe was born at Bethlehem
George N. Rockwell
A Baby's hands in Bethlehem
L. S. Clark
A balm for the way worn
H. L. Frisbie
A band of children, Jesus
S. L. Cuthbert
A band of children, Lord, we come
Kit Williams
A band of dear children go marching along
E. A. Barnes
A band of hard pressed men are we
Edwin Gilbert
A band of humble workers
Jesse Clement
A band of shining angels waits you over there
W. E. Bayles
A band of women, true and brave
Geo. C. Needham
A band of youthful soldiers, to battle for the right
Fannie E. Cooke
A battle for right is now raging
Wm. Crowhurst
A battle rages o'er the land
Will M. Ramsey
A beautiful, beautiful home, In heaven we all shall see
J. B. Coats
A beautiful crown the Master shall give
E. W. Eiland
A beautiful home beyond the tide,
Rigdon M. McIntosh
A beautiful land by faith I see
Jonathan E. Hall
A beautiful life, a beautiful
Luther G. Presley
A beautiful mansion in heaven above
P. P. Orr
A beautiful rest waits over the river
I. K. Gosnell
A beautiful story I've heard
Orlando S. Grinnell
A beautiful story to you I would tell
O. L. Tharp
A beauty hides in ev'ryone
Secretary Michael
A beggar blind, the truth I learned
H. B. Townsend
A beggar sat by the great highway
Gertrude Manly Jones
A better day is coming
Jennie Stout
A better day is coming, A morning bright and fair
Charles Bentley
A better day is coming, is coming by and by
Charles W. Collinge
A better home awaits me there When done with earth and
John A. Lee
A better land, dear Lord for this
Imogene Humphrey
A Bible Christian I will be
A. M. K. Deidrick
C. H. Hohgatt
A bird, a lovely butterfly
Florence Pedigo Jansson
A birthday, a birthday
Harvey C. Camp
A birthday child I am today
Jessie L. Gaynor
A blessed thought comes to my soul
Jacob Henry Hall
A bluebird over the treetops flew
Louise M. Oglevee
A bluebird sits in the apple tree
L. W. Callin
A boy dreamed of life full of pleasure
Mamie E. Caskie
A boy is born in Bethlehem
H. I. D. Ryder
A breath of spring, the birds want to sing
James Thiem
A brighter day will soon be here
Thomas Jarratt
A brother of all the world am I
George Edward Day
Willys Peck Kent
A bud the Gardener gave me
F. I. Darling
A bugle note of triumph
Lanta Wilson Smith


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