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A certain traveler on his way
Mary Lu Walker
A child is born in Bethlehem, The joy of all
Justine Bayard Ward
A city bright up in heaven is waiting
A. A. Warsham
A dear one from home is gone
A. Walls
A lily in a desert land drank in the dewy air
Orson F. Whitney
A little childish voice is still'd
Mrs. M. E. Willson
A little, low-ceiled room. Four walls
A. D. T. Whitney
A little seed lay fast asleep
Clara Writer
A little while the winds may blow
G. S. Woodhull
A loved one gone, a loved one gone
A. B. Whiting
A memory of vanished dreams
John Weiss
A messenger is calling
Rudolf Otto Wiemer
A Messenger is calling (Es geht ein heller Bote)
Gerd Watkinson
A messenger named Gabriel
Michael J. Walker
A mountain fastness is our God
William Rollinson Whittingham
A myriad host in the summer-land
L. Waisbrooker
A parting hymn we sing
Aaron R. Wolfe
A peace sweet and holy sweeps over my soul
Glenn E. Wagoner
A picture made of mother dear
J. Porter Wilhite
A song of spring once more we sing
W. Wilson
A stable lamp is lighted
Richard Wilbur
A stealing glory, still, intent and sure
Sophie Winthrop Weitzel
A terra semeamos
Henry Maxwell Wright
A vision seen, a call obeyed
Pierre Whalon
Abide with me, fast breaks the morning light
Bertha H. Woods
Adeste fideles, læti, triumphantes
John Francis Wade
Adown the centuries
Stephen Wright
Again returns the day of holy rest
E. S. Widdeman
Again we hail the Sabbath day
R. B. Wilson
Against my second coming
Willard Austin Wattles
Ah, my dear Lord! what couldst thou spy
William Wordsworth
Alabadle, ¡oh niñitos todos!
Alfred Clarence Wright
Alas! and did my Savior bleed?
Leonard Weaver
Alas the outer emptiness
All beautiful the march of days
Frances Whitmarsh Wile
All hail, my native land
J. C. Williams
All hail the power of Jesus' name, The name I love so much to hear
R. B. Walden
All hail to the King of heaven
George Wright
All my life long I had panted
Clara Tear Williams
All nature's voices chorus
G. Herbert Whyte
All seeing One, whose presence fills
Frederic Augustus Whitney
All summer long, in perfume strong
A. W. Wray
All the birds are here again
J. B. Walters
All the little birdies sing his praises
M. L. Wheeler
All the way I'm singing
J. Calvin Water
All the week we spend
Thomas B. White
All the world seemed dreary
R. E. Wall
All the world will sing for Jesus
T. F. Woody
All things come of Thee, O Lord
William S. Waith
Alleluia, alleluia
John E. Watson


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