Charles C. Ackley

Short Name: Charles C. Ackley
Full Name: Ackley, Charles C. (See also Meridith, I. H.)

Given name Isaac Hickman Meredith. Used Pseudonym Charles C. Ackley. See also Meredith, I. H.

There is a "Chas. C. Ackley" listed as an editor to "Children's Praise No. 1" also edited by I. H. Meredith and published by Tullar-Meredith. It is unclear whether this is a pseudonym or a name of a real person. However, "Charles C. Ackley" is identified as a pseudonym of Meredith's in the 1938 Catalog of Copyright Entries for renewals of music published in 1912. These compositions use "Charles" instead of "Chas."

Dianne Shapiro

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