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Short Name: Chas. C. Ackley
Full Name: Ackley, Charles C., (See also Meredith, I. H.)

Pseudonym. See also Meredith, I. H.

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[Be of cheer, O weary soul; hear the gentle Master say]Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)1
[¡Bellas las velitas! Dan su luz] (Ackley)Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)132123 55225 33321
[Blessed Savior, Friend unfailing]Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)131432 32167 14312
[Child of God, O, hear Him saying]Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)234517 21576 53244
[Closer, dear Lord, to Thee] (Meredith)Chas. C. Ackley (Arranger)132121 67123 32121
[Come unto our God rejoicing]Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)134456 51534 45652
[Comforter holy, Heavenly Dove]Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)154565 34212 16533
[Day when Heav'n and earth unite]Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)134456 51545 66217
[Dwelling, O God, in me]Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)234332 11765 57212
[Father, hear me, hear me now]Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)231432 31671 43231
[From the heaven's opened portals]Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)1
[God made this great round world so fair]Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)1
[Hark! 'tis the voice of the Savior] (Meredith)Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)156543 21512 32234
[Has your life a hidden sorrow?]Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)134511 65356 44533
[He that believeth on the Son of God]Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)233215 12177
[Ho! to every one that thirsteth]Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)155345 65177 66543
[How old are you, little stars, bright stars]Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)1
[I wandered in darkness and sorrow]Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)155345 12172 27657
[Jesus bids us shine] (Meredith)Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)133345 35665 11123
[Jesus looketh on children]Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)1
[Listen to the words so true]Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)2
[Little children, come to Jesus] (Meredith)Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)1
[More like my Savior I would ever be]Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)233353 32123 66653
[No days like the days of happy youth]Charles C. Ackley (Composer)155345 17653 54432
[Now the day is over] (Meredith)C. C. Ackley (Composer)156711 72765 53343
[O heavenly Father, Hear we entreat]Charles C. Ackley (Composer)2
[O how we love to sing of Jesus]Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)1
[O little town of Bethlehem] (Meredith)Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)155656 62234 45655
[O Lord of life, and love, and power]Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)155321 76552 52231
[O what a blessed, blessed thought]Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)155133 21777 12433
[O what a happy chorus]Charles C. Ackley (Composer)1
[O the bitter shame and sorrow] (Mountain)C. C. Ackley (Arranger)111117 12213 33323
[Once a mother sweet and mild]Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)255356 66774 66555
[Out on the mountains bare and cold]Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)133335 12344 65321
[Sing, O sing, lift up your hearts in song today]Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)1
[Something came in my room]Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)1
[Sometimes I catch sweet glimpses of His face] (Meredith)Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)155545 32165 17122
[Sound upon the bugle the signal to advance]Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)555351 55641 65
[Speak to my soul, dear Jesus]Chas. C. Ackley (Arranger)156535 44454 24334
[Stars for Jesus we can be]Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)1
[Take my life, and let it be] (Meredith)Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)111752 21443 12221
[Tell again the sweet old story]Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)1
[The Lord is in His Holy Temple] (Meredith)Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)133343 42535 66667
[The vineyard of the Lord is great the laborers are few]Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)155112 33346 51233
[There is a name of wondrous might]Charles C. Ackley (Composer)1
[There is comfort in my soul]C. C. Ackley (Composer)253211 11517 6666
[There'll be angels all around us]Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)134555 51512 33335
[There's a Friend for little children] (Meredith)Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)134554 65351 17165
[There's a loving invitation in the Book of Life divine]Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)112323 45345 6
[Through the darkest night shines the light of day]Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)155555 34561 23321
['Tis sunshine, 'tis sunshine that makes the world so bright]Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)255355 31177 67121
[We are little sailors]Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)233234 31671 43332
[We will hold aloft the banner]Charles C. Ackley (Composer)1
[When morning gilds the skies] (Meredith)Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)134533 33234 66662
[When trial and doubt overtake thee]Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)1
[Whenever Thy cross I see]Chas. C. Ackley (Composer)255555 56615 17771
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