Christopher Batty

Short Name: Christopher Batty
Full Name: Batty, Christopher, 1715-1797
Birth Year: 1715
Death Year: 1797

Batty, Christopher, born at Newby Cote, near Settle, Yorkshire, 1715, died April 19, 1797. He was a member of the "Inghamites," a religious denomination located principally in the northern parts of the counties of Lancashire and Yorkshire. He assisted James Allen (q. v.) in the production of the Kendal Hymn Book, 1757, to which he contributed 31 hymns. Very few of these are in common use at the present time. His "Captain of Thine enlisted host" (Missions ), from the Kendal Hymn Book. 1757, is found in Kemble's Collection, 1853, No. 475, and in Spurgeon's 0ur Own Hymn Book, No. 968. He completed his brother's poem, Messiah's Kingdom, which was printed in 1792.

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

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Captain of thine enlisted hostChristopher Batty (Author)8
Cheer thy chosen witnesses, O JesusChristopher Batty, 1715-97 (Author)2
Early upon the first-day mornChristopher Batty (Author)2
Great is our God on Zion's hillChristopher Batty (Author)2
Let God's redeemed join in songsChristopher Batty (Author)2
Once more, O Lord, we have receivedChristopher Batty (Author)2
Search me, O God, and know my heart, Try me, and know each thoughtC. Batty (Author)2
Shall the redeemed aboveChristopher Batty (Author)2
Sweet the moments, rich in blessingBatty (Author)1
While many sing of inward goodChristopher Batty (Author)2
Ye servants of the living LordChristopher Batty (Author)2

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