Michael A. Baughen

Short Name: Michael A. Baughen
Full Name: Baughen, Michael A., 1930-
Birth Year: 1930

Michael Alfred Baughen (born 7 June 1930) was an Anglican bishop.

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Texts by Michael A. Baughen (9)sort descendingAsInstances
Because he died and is risenMichael Baughen (Author)5
Blessed is the man, the man who does not walkMichael Baughen (Author)2
I am the bread of life, They who come to me shall not hungerMichael Baughen (Adapter)1
Come, rejoice before your MakerMichael A. Baughen (Author)7
May God Be Gracious to UsMichael Baughen (born 1930) (Adapter)1
Sing to God new songs of worshipMichael Baughen (Author)4
Spirit of the living God, fall fresh on meMichael Baughen (Author (st. 2))10
Spirit of the living God, move among us allMichael Baughen (b. 1930) (Author)3
There’s no greater name than JesusMichael Baughen (Author)1

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