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Benjamin A. Baur
Short Name: Benjamin A. Baur
Full Name: Baur, Benjamin A. (Alfred), 1897-1972
Birth Year: 1897
Death Year: 1972

Benjamin A. Baur was born on Sep­tem­ber 20, 1897, Ak­ron, Ohio. he pas­tored at the Elim Ta­ber­na­cle on Broad­way in Ro­ches­ter, New York, from around 1928 to 1972. He died on Oc­to­ber 18, 1972, Ro­ches­ter, New York. His works in­clude Campaign Chor­us­es No. 2

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Texts by Benjamin A. Baur (37)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
And they overcame blood of the LambBenjamin A. Baur (Author)2
Ask and ye shall receive, Seek and surely you'll findB. A. B. (Author)English3
Blessed Lord, help me I prayBenjamin A. Baur (Author)2
Christ is coming, coming soonBenjamin A. Baur (Author)2
Come to Jesus, just now, At his feet humbly bowBenjamin A. Baur (Author)English2
Con su sangre me lavóBenjamin A. Baur (Author)Spanish2
Every day I'm walking with my SaviorB. A. B. (Author)English3
God will never fail youBenjamin A. Baur (Author)2
Hallelujah, Jesus lives in meBenjamin A. Baur (Author)2
Have you been filled with the Holy Ghost and powerBenjamin A. Baur (Author)2
Hiding away in the sheltering armsBenjamin A. Baur (Author)2
I was wandering far away in sinBenjamin A. Baur (Author)2
I’ll sing and I’ll pray and I’ll read my BibleBenjamin A. Baur (Author)2
I'm saved through the bloodB. A. B. (Author)English6
It is the Lord who died for meBenjamin A. Baur (Author)English3
I've a Friend who will never leave meBenjamin A. Baur (Author)English4
Jesus is my Light, my Guide through day and nightB. A. B. (Author)English2
Jesus saves, Jesus saves, Yes, I know thatBenjamin A. Baur (Author)English5
Jesus stands outside the door (Baur)Benjamin A. Baur (Author)2
Jesus, the fairest of themBenjamin A. Baur (Author)2
Jesus, the Rose of SharonBenjamin A. Baur (Author)English2
Love unbounded saved my soulBenjamin A. Baur (Author)English3
¡Mi Salvador, Jesucristo!Benjamin A. Baur (Author)Spanish2
My Jesus, I love Thee, I love Thee, I doBenjamin A. Baur (Author)English8
Only Thee can I trust through life's shadowsBenjamin A. Baur (Author)English2
奇妙又奇妙的耶穌 (Qímiào yòu qímiào de yēsū)Benjamin A. Baur (Author)Chinese2
Resting in Jesus, O what peace is mineBenjamin A. Baur (Author)English2
Roll off your burdens on Jesus nowB. A. B. (Author)English7
Send down the powerBenjamin A. Baur (Author)English2
Soul, art thou weary and longing for restBenjamin A. Baur (Author)3
There's a song in my heart since Jesus saved meBenjamin A. Baur (Author)English2
Trust in Jesus, trustBenjamin A. Baur (Author)2
We need a revival, a sweeping revivalBenjamin A. Baur (Author)2
What the world needs is Jesus, Just a glimpse of HimBenjamin A. Baur (Author)English14
Wonderful peace, wonderfulBenjamin A. Baur (Author)2
Wonderful, wonderful Jesus! Who can compare with Thee!B. A.B. (Author)English11
You should never be ashamed of JesusBenjamin A. Baur (Author)3
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