Victor H. Benke

Victor H. Benke
Short Name: Victor H. Benke
Full Name: Benke, Victor H., 1872-1904
Birth Year: 1872
Death Year: 1904

Victor H. Benke was born on Ju­ly 1872, Ra­ti­bor, Ger­ma­ny (now Ra­ci­bórz, Po­land). He em­i­grat­ed to Amer­i­ca at the of age 21. He served as the re­gu­lar or­gan­ist at the Bowery Mission in New York City for a num­ber of years. He settled in Brook­lyn where he gave pi­a­no and or­gan les­sons and com­posed mu­sic. He worked with Fanny Crosby, who wrote words to a number of his pieces, and Ira Sankey. He also played the organ for Dwight Moody in his evangelistic work. Benke died on July 15, 1904 in New York. [Sources: Crosby, pp. 535, 562]

NN, Hymnary. Source:

Tunes by Victor H. Benke (44)sort descendingAsInstances
[Abide with us, dear Savior]Victor H. Benke (Composer)2
[Wake thou, my harp, O Mighty Love]Victor H. Benke (Composer)3
[Away, away to Sunday school]Victor H. Benke (Composer)3
BENKEVictor H. Benke (Composer)4
[Can we read our title clear]Victor H. Benke (Composer)3
[Come to the fount of healing]Victor H. Benke (Composer)2
[Constrained by Thine unbounded love]Victor H. Benke (Composer)2
[Far away my steps had wandered]Victor H. Benke (Composer)6
[Girded for battle our forces we bring]Victor H. Benke (Composer)4
[Hark! the bells of Heaven ringing]Victor H. Benke (Composer)2
[Holy Spirit, while we gather]Victor H. Benke (Composer)7
[How can I look on Calv'ry's cross]Victor H. Benke (Composer)6
[I have a precious, faithful guide]Victor H. Benke (Composer)2
[I know that where my Savior dwells]Victor H. Benke (Composer)2
[I need, O Lord, a stronger faith]Victor H. Benke (Composer)2
[In the shadow of the Highest]Victor H. Benke (Composer)2
[Jesus redeemed and made me whole]Victor H. Benke (Composer)4
[Just as I am, without one plea] (Benke)Victor H. Benke (Composer)2
[Lord, again we seek Thy temple]Victor H. Benke (Composer)2
[Make room, make room for Jesus]Victor H. Benke (Composer)3
[Marching on to Zion, city of the King]Victor H. Benke (Composer)2
[My Father, this I ask of Thee]Victor H. Benke (Composer)9
[O Lord, be thou my stay]Victor H. Benke (Composer)2
[O Savior, we would enter]Victor H. Benke (Composer)2
[O Spirit, come, dispel each cloud of sadness]Victor H. Benke (Composer)4
[O thou Rock of my salvation]Victor H. Benke (Composer)7
[On joyful wings our raptured souls]Victor H. Benke (Composer)3
[On the hilltops, on the mountains]Victor H. Benke (Composer)3
[Our Sunday school, our Sunday school]Victor H. Benke (Composer)3
["Peace, be still!" 'tis gently spoken]Victor H. Benke (Composer)2
[Peace, like a river is flowing today]Victor H. Benke (Composer)2
[Praise ye the Lord, angels bright]Victor H. Benke (Composer)2
[Press to the mark of our calling in Jesus]Victor H. Benke (Composer)2
[Savior, may a little child]Victor H. Benke (Composer)3
[Savior, lead my erring footsteps]Victor H. Benke (Composer)3
[Soldiers for the King of glory]Victor H. Benke (Composer)4
[Teach me, O, Thou Holy Spirit]Victor H. Benke (Composer)5
[The children are coming to Jesus today]Victor H. Benke (Composer)3
[The whole world needs the gospel]Victor H. Benke (Composer)4
[There are storms the world o'er-sweeping] (Benke)Victor H. Benke (Composer)2
[Thou art leading me, dear Savior]Victor H. Benke (Composer)2
[Toil on, trust on, working for the Master]Victor H. Benke (Composer)2
[Up with the dawn of rosy light]Victor H. Benke (Composer)2
[Wake the joyful, joyful lay]Victor H. Benke (Composer)3
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