Laurence Bevenot

Short Name: Laurence Bevenot
Full Name: Bévenot, Laurence, 1901-1990
Birth Year: 1901
Death Year: 1990 does not have biographical information about this person.

Tunes by Laurence Bevenot (37)sort descendingAsInstances
[Above the heav'ns your majesty is praised]Laurence Bevenot (Composer (Psalm tone))1
[All nations shall fall before you]Laurence Bevenot, 1901-90 (Composer (Tone))1
[Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia]Laurence Bevenot (Composer (psalm tone))2
[Answer us, O Lord, when we call]Laurence Bevenot (Composer (Psalm tone))1
[Do not forsake me, O Lord]Laurence Bevenot (Composer (Psalm tone))1
[Do not hide yourself, O Lord]Laurence Bevenot (Composer (Psalm tone))1
[For you have been my stronghold]Laurence Bevenot (Composer (Psalm tone))1
[Give thanks to the Lord for he is good] (Waddell)LB (Composer (Psalm tone))1
[God has freed us and redeemed us]LB (Composer (Psalm tone))1
[God shall ransom my soul]Laurence Bevenot (Composer (Psalm tone))2
[I cried to the Lord, and was saved from my enemies]Laurence Bevenot (Composer (Psalm tone))1
[I trust in the goodness of God for ever]Laurence Bevenot (Composer (Psalm tone))1
[I trust in your merciful love]LB (Composer (Psalm tone))1
[I will give you thanks, O Lord, among the peoples]Laurence Bevenot (Composer (Psalm tone))1
[I will go to the altar of God]LB (Composer (Psalm tone))1
[I will sing and make music]LB (Composer (Psalm tone))1
[In you, my God, my body will rest]LB (Composer (Psalm tone))1
[Justice shall flourish in God's time] (Schiavone)Laurence Bevenot (Composer (psalm tone))2
[Let all creation praise the Lord]LB (Composer (Psalm tone))1
[Let ev'rything that lives give praise to the Lord]LB (Composer (Psalm tone))1
[Lord, let your mercy be upon us] (Proulx)Laurence Bevenot (Composer (psalm tone))2
[May the Lord watch over this house]LB (Composer (Psalm tone))1
[My God, my God, why have you abandoned me] (Schoen)LB (Composer (Psalm tone))1
[My heart will rejoice in your salvation, O Lord]Laurence Bevenot (Composer (Psalm tone))1
[O give thanks to the Lord, for he is good]Laurence Bevenot (Composer (Psalm tone))1
[O God, O God, let all the nations praise you]Laurence Bevenot (Composer (psalm tone))2
[O Lord, our God, unwearied is your love]LB (Composer (Psalm Tone))2
[Restpre us, O God]Laurence Bevenot (Composer (Psalm tone))1
[Send forth your light and your truth]LB (Composer (Psalm tone))1
[The earth is full of your riches]LB (Composer (Psalm Tone))1
[The just will rejoice in the Lord]LB (Composer (Psalm Tone))1
[The Lord will bless those who fear him]LB (Composer (Psalm tone))1
[The Lord will guide me and guard me]LB (Composer (Psalm tone))1
[Those who trust in the Lord]Laurence Bevenot (Composer (Psalm tone))1
[We shall go up with joy] (Murray)LB (Composer (Psalm tone))1
[We will tell the glorious deeds of the Lord]Laurence Bevenot (Composer (Psalm tone))1
[Your hand is ever upon me]LB (Composer (Psalm tone))1
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