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Short Name: Edward Bonnemère
Full Name: Bonnemère, Eddie, 1921-1996
Birth Year: 1921
Death Year: 1996

Edward Valentine "Eddie" Bonnemere (* 15. February 1921 in New York City; † 19th March 1996 in Teaneck, New Jersey) was an American jazz pianist and church musician and composer.


Texts by Edward Bonnemère (4)AsAuthority LanguagesInstancessort descending
Help me, Jesus, to love my neighborEddie Bonnemère (Author)English2
I need Jesus, each and every dayEdward V. Bonnemère, 1921-1996 (Author)2
This is my body given up for youEdward Bonnemère (Author)English3
Christ is coming: prepare the wayEdward V. Bonnemere (Author)English4

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