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Mary Louise Bringle

Short Name: Mary Louise Bringle
Full Name: Bringle, Mary Louise, 1953-
Birth Year: 1953
Hymnary.org does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Mary Louise Bringle (120)AsInstancessort descending
나를위해험한산길오르신그발 (Jesus, who for my sake walked the road to Calvary)Mary Louise Bringle (Reviser)1
In a far-off placeMary Louise Bringle, b. 1953 (Author)1
Alabad a nuestro Dios en su santuario (Praise the Lord, Give praise within the holy temple)Mary Louise Bringle, b. 1953 (Translator)2
As the winter days grow longerMary Louise Bringle, b. 1953 (Author)2
En nombre del cielo (In the name of heaven)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
Con cinco panes y peces (Jesus took five loaves and broke them)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
Rise to sing! The light is breakingMary Louise Bringle, b. 1953 (Author)2
Gracias por el amor del cielo (Thank you for sending love from heaven)Mary Louise Bringle (Translator)2
O Holy Spirit, Flowing LightMary Louise Bringle, b. 1953 (Adapter)2
Derrama una estrella (Radiant light throughout the heav'ns)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
Oh Virgen, la más hermosa (Blessed Virgin, O most lovely)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Author)2
Through silver veils of morning mistMary Louise Bringle, b. 1953 (Author)2
Ya llegó la Nochebuena (Christmas Eve is coming quickly)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
Racimo y trigal (From wheat field and vine)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
A morning star draws near the earthMary Louise Bringle, b. 1953 (Author)2
Señor, tú me amas (My Lord, how you love me)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
Hacia Belén se encamina (Mary journeyed with her husband)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
Tributen gloriaMary Louise Bringle, b. 1953 (Translator)2
O blest are you, Christ Jesus saidMary Louise Bringle, b. 1953 (Author)2
Vamos cantando con todo su poder (Come join in singing: give glory to the Lord)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
No estés eternamente enojado (Look not upon your people with wrath, O Christ)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
Where are those who thirst for justice?Mary Louise Bringle, b. 1953 (Author)2
Pequé, ya mi alma (My soul now confessing)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
Feliz la gente (How blest the people)Mary Louise Bringle, b. 1953 (Translator)2
Living stones, we raise a templeMary Louise Bringle, b. 1953 (Author)2
Dichosa aquella alma (We humbly approach you)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
El Señor nos ama hoy (Christ our Lord has loved us more)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
Gratitude express to JesusMary Louise Bringle, b. 1953 (Translator)2
El Señor resucitó (Jesus Christ is truly risen)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
Ten piedad de mi, oh Dios, conforme a tu bondad (Lord, have mercy on me, in accordance with your grace)Mary Louise Bringle, b. 1953 (Translator)2
Suplicante juntaba las manos (She was clasping her hands, softly praying)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
La bendición del Dios de Sara, Abraham y Agar (The God of Sarah, Hagar, and of Abraham)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator (Ingles))2
Ayer éramos tinieblas (Yesterday we lived in the shadows)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
Con el ángel de María (With the angel who once hailed you)Mary Louise Bringle (Translator)2
Porque Él entró en el mundo y en la historia (Because he came to enter human hist'ry)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
Eran cien ovejas las de su rebaño (Once a loving shepherd, on a distant hillside)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
Eres Dueño tierno (You, our tender shepherd)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
Oh buen Jesús, yo creo firmemente (Lord Jesus Christ, my faith has this foundation)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
Bendeciré al Señor ento tiempo (I will extol my God each waking moment)Mary Louis Bringle (Translator)2
Amar es entregarse (To love is to surrender)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
Bendito, bendito, bendito sea Dios (O Lord, Jesus Christ, at your alter here we raise)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
Allí está Jesús (Look closely and see)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
At dawn the women made their wayMary Louise Bringle (b. 1953) (Author)2
One people here, we gatherMary Louise Bringle, b. 1953 (Author)2
El amor es comprensivo (Love is kind and understanding)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
Y esos montes se moverán (The hills and mountains, they shall be moved)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
El nombre de Dios te ampare (May God's holy name uphold you)Mary Louise Bringle, b. 1953 (Translator)2
Todos unidos formando un solo cuerpo (Sisters and brothers, we form a single body)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
Oh Señor, tú me has examinado [Oh, Lord God, you have searched me]Mary Louise Bringle (Translator)2
Con este pueblo quiro aprender (With your disciples I understand)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
Pescador, que al pasar por lo orilla (Pescador, as you passed by the lakeshore)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
Has recibido un destino (You have been given a purpose)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
Buenos días, Paloma Blanca (Fairest Dove, most lovely maiden)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
Pueblos nuevos, creadores de la historia (God's new people, we boldy forge our hist'ry)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
Whatever be the love, it is enfoldedMary Louise Bringle, b. 1953 (Author)2
Rejected and despised by men And women of our raceMary Louise Bringle (Author)2
Cuando sientas que tu hermano necesita de tu amor (When our sisters or our brothers stand in need of loving care)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
Dale, oh, Dios, al Rey tu juicio (Give the rulers, Lord, your wisdom)Mary Louise Bringle (Translator)2
Hemos cubierto la tierra (We have covered the earth in shadows)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
Now go in joy to spread the wordMary Louise Bringle (Author)2
Todo es tuyo, Señor (All is yours, Holy God)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
Qué bueno es estar en tu casa (What joy to come into your household)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
Built on the rock of Christ and Christ aloneMary Louise Bringle (Author)2
Sprung from a word of God's speakingMary Louise Bringle (Translator)2
Al sagrado altar nos guíen (To the altar of salvation)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
Venid, entremos todos dando gracias (O come and let us enter with thanksgiving)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
Hemos sido bautizados (All those baptized with your Spirit)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
Un largo caminar (The road ahead is long)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
La luz de un nuevo día (The dawn of each new morning)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Paraphraser)2
[Prepare a Pathway]Mary Louise Bringle (Author)2
Vienen trayendo la esperanza (We bring the hopes and firm believing)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
We gather in mem'ry, in hope, and in praiseMary Louise Bringle, b. 1953 (Author)2
[More Than Watchers for the Morning]Mary Louise Bringle (Author)2
Cantemos al Amor de los amores (Come sing to God, the Love beyond all others)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)2
[Like a Deer for Cool Streams Panting]Mary Louise Bringle (Author)2
Cast out, O Christ, cast far awayMary Louise Bringle (Author)2
Peace, be not anxiousMary Louise Bringle, b. 1953 (Author)2
Alzo a los montes misojos (LIft your eyes up to the mountains)Mary Louise Bringle (Translator)2
[From the Whirlwind]Mary Louise Bringle (Author)2
In star and crescent, wheel and flameMary Louise Bringle (Author)2
El Dios de paz, el Verbo eterno (Peace-giving God and Word eternal)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)3
Sopla, sopla fuerte (Blow wild and blow freely)Mary Louise Bringle (Translator)3
"De tu cántaro dame, dame tú de beber" (The Samaritan woman drawing water that day)Mary Louise Bringle (Translator)3
Sitting with a child in sicknessMary Louise Bringle, b. 1953 (Author)3
Alabad al Señor (Praise the Lord, praise the Lord! All tribes and nations)Mary Louise Bringle, b. 1953 (Translator)3
En la mañana que se levanta (When, in the morning, the light is breaking)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)3
Gracias, Padre, mi vida es tu vida (Lord, we thank you, our lives are in your life)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)3
Go in grace and make disciplesMary Louise Bringle (Author)3
Canto de alegría porque tengo amor (Joyfully we sing here of the Savior's grace)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)3
Ven, Creador, Espíritu divino (Come, Spirit Blest, Creator God, descending)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)3
God is calling through the whisperMary Louise Bringle (Author)3
Sheaves of wheat turned by sunlight into gold (Una espiga dorada por el sol)Mary Louise Bringle (Translator)3
Cuán gloriosa será la mañana (O how glorious will be that great morning)Mary Louise Bringle (Translator)3
Jesucristo, nos convidas (Jesus Christ, you now invite us)Mary Louise Bringle (Translator)3
Mientras recorres la vida (Traveling on life's daily journey)Mary Louise Bringle (Translator)3
Light dawns on a weary worldMary Louise Bringle, b. 1953 (Author)3
Calm to the wavesMary Louise Bringle, b. 1953 (Author)3
"¿Qué llevabos conversando?" (Tell me, friends, why look so troubled)Mary Louise Bringle (Translator)3
El que habita al abrigo de Dios (Those who dwell in the shelter of God)Mary Louise Bringle (Translator)3
Somos la Iglesia peregrina que él fundó (We are the pilgrim Church established by our Lord)Mary Louise Bringle, n. 1953 (Translator)3
Una cosa pido al Señor (One request, Lord, I make of you)Mary Louise Bringle (Translator)3
From the nets of our laborMary Louise Bringle (Author)3
I will exalt my God my King (Te exaltaré mi Dios, mi Rey)Mary Louis Bringle, b. 1953 (Translator (st. 2))3
Go in peace. Go in loveMary Louise Bringle, b. 1953 (Author)3
Como el ciervo busca por las aguas (Like a deer, seeking streams of water)Mary Louis Bringle (Translator)3
In a deep, unbounded darknessMary Louise Bringle (Adapter)3
Touch that soothes and heals the hurtingMary Louise Bringle, b. 1953 (Author)3
Love has brought us here togetherMary Louise Bringle, b. 1953 (Author)3
Sharing Paschal bread and wineMary Louise Bringle (Author)4
Christ be in your senses, marked with sacred signMary Louise Bringle, b. 1953 (Author)4
Dios es nuestro amparo (God will be our refuge)Mary Louise Bringle, b. 1953 (Translator)4
When the hungry who have nothing share with strangersMary Louise Bringle (Translator)4
Shall tribulation or distressMary Louise Bringle (Author)4
Open, now, open the doorways of justice! (Ábranme las puertas de la justicia)Mary Louise Bringle (Translator)4
The people who walked in darkness Awaken to see a great lightMary Louise Bringle (Author)4
Surely, you alone can save usMary Louise Bringle (Author)4
Now the heavens start to whisperMary Louise Bringle, b. 1953 (Author)4
My soul gives glory to my God Who reaches down with loving graceMary Louise Bringle (Author)7
The play of the Godhead, the Trinity's danceMary Louise Bringle, b. 1953 (Author)7
When memory fades, and recognition faltersMary Louise Bringle (b. 1953) (Author)10
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