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Short Name: Charles Spurgeon Brown
Full Name: Brown, Charles Spurgeon, 1860-
Birth Year: 1860
Death Year: 1943

Brown’s works in­clude:

The King’s Prais­es (Bos­ton, Mass­a­chu­setts: Unit­ed So­ci­e­ty of Chris­tian En­dea­vor, 1899)

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[Thou delightest, O Lord, when Thy children draw near]Charles S. Brown (Composer)555567 17146 13332
[America triumphant]Charles S. Brown (Composer)2
[Beautiful faces are those that wear] (Brown)Charles S. Brown (Composer)434554 36117 77712
[Broken is the seal of death that bound]C. S. Brown (Composer)2
[Cast thy bread upon the waters] (Brown)C. S. Brown (Composer)255117 65561 75655
[Christ the Lord is risen today] (Brown)Charles S. Brown (Composer)313765 45176 71432
[Coming in the name of Jesus] (Brown)Charles S. Brown (Composer)735465 12161 14321
CRUSADERS' HYMN (111271)Charles S. Brown (Composer)111127 13333 42351
[Father, again in Jesus' name we meet] (Brown)Charles S. Brown (Composer)254565 31766 55671
[From Heaven above to earth I come] (Mendelssohn)C. S. B. (Arranger)356551 23353 22317
[Glorious country, we love thee, we hail thee]Charles S. Brown (Composer)2
[God’s trumpet wakes the slumbering world] (Brown)Charles S. Brown (Composer)355135 31513 53155
[I do not know the path I tread]Charles S. Brown (Composer)2
[If with kindly deeds we freighted]Charles S. Brown (Composer)331546 53117 42766
[In corners and down in the shadow]Charles S. Brown (Composer)235435 43325 76545
[In the still air the music lies unheard]Charles S. Brown (Composer)233355 66461 17653
[It came upon the midnight clear] (Brown)Charles S. Brown (Composer)255321 56712 51665
[It fell upon a summer day]Charles S. Brown (Composer)2
EMMANUEL (Stainer)C. S. B. (Arranger)112324 27512 33664
[Love of God, so great and holy]Charles S. Brown (Composer)3
[Master of Eternal Day] (Brown)Charles S. Brown (Composer)311551 23551 77656
MOUNT VERNON (Brown)Charles S. Brown (Composer)433226 65517 64654
[My sins, which were many, are all washed away]C. S. Brown (Composer)453331 23216 55111
[O beautiful for spacious skies] (Brown)Charles S. Brown (Composer)12
[O ring, glad bells, ring loud and sweet]Charles S. Brown (Composer)334556 35431 43234
[O the fullness of the blessing which in Jesus is revealed]C. S. Brown (Composer)255111 23332 12345
[Precious is the story]Charles S. Brown (Composer)432172 15451 76567
[“Right with God”—O blessed portals]Charles S. Brown (Composer)2
[Savior, blessed Savior] (Brown)Charles S. Brown (Composer)235356 63535 71761
[See the shining dewdrops] (Brown)Charles S. Brown (Composer)233531 23346 22234
[Sweet the lesson Jesus taught]Charles S. Brown (Composer)2
[The Lord, the good Shepherd, has promised to keep]Charles S. Brown (Composer)2
[The voice of Jesus sounds today]C. S. Brown (Composer)255671 32315 67175
[There is no King but Jesus!] (Brown)C. S. B. (Arranger)2
[The whole wide world for Jesus] (Maunder)C. S. B. (Arranger)255565 53332 34435
[There’s a goal in the distance before us]Charles S. Brown (Composer)2
[They brought their flowers to the altar]Charles S. Brown (Composer)333333 45172 34653
[Into the world with a mission]Charles S. Brown (Composer)333332 13566 65432
[We weigh the anchor, spread the sail] (Brown)Charles S. Brown (Composer)2
[When His salvation bringing] (Brown)Charles S. Brown (Composer)217121 43326 76551
[When the Lord of love was here] (Brown)Charles S. Brown (Composer)2
[While struggling in a maze of doubt]Charles S. Brown (Composer)353176 54312 22343
[Ye fair green hills of Galilee] (Brown)Charles S. Brown (Composer)2
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