Helen E. Brown

Short Name: Helen E. Brown
Full Name: Brown, Helen E., 19th century
Birth Year (est.): 1801
Death Year (est.): 1900
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Texts by Helen E. Brown (42)sort descendingAsInstances
At home, abroad, by day or nightHelen E. Brown (Author)3
At Jacob's well a stranger soughtHelen E. Brown (Author)23
Beautiful angels, where are yeHelen E. Brown (Author)2
Behold, the bridegroom cometh, the welcome, glad refrainHelen E. Brown (Author)2
Come, children, come, God bids you comeHelen E. Brown (Author)17
Day and night my heartMrs. Helen E. Brown (Author)2
Day and night my heart is shoutingMrs. Helen E. Brown (Author)2
Ears of mine, hear notHelen E. Brown (Author)2
Father, hear thy children cryHelen E. Brown (Author)2
Father, I came to theeHelen E. Brown (Author)2
Go forward, right forward, the sea will divideHelen E. Brown (Author)2
Hail to the opening yearHelen E. Brown (Author)4
Heavenly Father I am threadingMrs. H. E. Brown (Author)3
I am persuaded now, Lord, I relentHelen E. Brown (Author)3
I am so happy all day longHelen E. Brown (Author)5
I never will speak a wicked wordHelen E. Brown (Author)4
I will praise him, I will praise himMrs. H. E. Brown (Author)4
I will pray, I will prayHelen E. Brown (Author)5
I wish I could see JesusHelen E. Brown (Author)2
If I would not be a drunkardHelen E. Brown (Author)2
I'm going to be a soldierHelen E. Brown (Author)16
I'm watching for my LordHelen E. Brown (Author)2
I've signed the pledgeMrs. Helen E. Brown (Author)3
Jesus help me, I have strivenHelen E. Brown (Author)3
Jesus is ready, yes, ready to saveMrs. H. E. Brown (Author)2
Jesus, Shepherd of the sheep, watch around his flockHelen E. Brown (Author)3
Jesus, would that I could tell theeHelen E. Brown (Author)3
Let the tidings roll, over the seaHelen E. Brown (Author)2
My Bible, precious treasureHelen E. Brown (Author)4
My heart is light and freeMrs. H. E. Brown (Author)3
My son, incline thy youthful earMrs. H. E. Brown (Author)2
O thou unseen, but present ChristHelen E. Brown (Author)3
Ring, ring, ring, ringMrs. H. E. Brown (Author)1
Ring, ring, ring, sweetly, sweetly ringHelen E. Brown (Author)2
Round the spring, laugh and singHelen E. Brown (Author)3
The battle cry is sounding, We hear it from afar Helen E. Brown (Author)3
The joyful day will surely comeHelen E. Brown (Author)2
We are coming, we are coming, blessed JesusHelen E. Brown (Author)9
When the burden of toil presses hardHelen E. Brown (Author)2
Working O Christ with theeHelen E. Brown (Author)19
Would you see our JesusMrs. H. E. Brown (Author)2
Yes, I am waiting, LordMrs. Helen E. Brown (Author)2
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