Johan Nordahl Brun

Johan Nordahl Brun
Portrait hanging in the Bergen Cathedral
Short Name: Johan Nordahl Brun
Full Name: Brun, Johan Nordahl, 1745-1816
Birth Year: 1745
Death Year: 1816

Wikipedia Biography

Johan Nordahl Brun (21 March 1745—26 July 1816) was the poet, dramatist, Bishop in Bergen (1804-1816), and politician who contributed significantly to the growth of National Romanticism in Norway, contributing to the growing national consciousness.

Texts by Johan Nordahl Brun (24)AsInstancessort descending
Indro, Jeso velonaJ. N. Brun (Author)2
Ry Jesosy, ampombayJ. N. Brun (Author)2
Du fødes maa paany, om du vil se Guds rigeJohan Nordahl Brun (Author)2
O! Ry Fanahin'ny Ray ao ambonyJ. N. Brun (Author)2
Miandry ao ambonyJ. N. Brun (Author)3
Jerusalem, din Aske jeg beskuerJohan N. Brun (Author)3
Jesus lives, he bursts the graveJohan N. Brun (Author)3
Jesus lives, the broken tombJohan Nordahl Brun, 1745-1816 (Author)3
Lov og pris og evig ÆreJohan N. Brun (Author)3
Velsignet være mig hver gangJohan N. Brun (Author)3
How blest are they who hear God's word, Who keep in faith what they have heardJohan Nordahl Brun, 1745 - 1816 (Author)4
Jesus, som iblandt os staarJohan N. Brun (Author)4
Lad os bede Lysets FaderJohan N. Brun (Author)4
Til FaderenJohan N. Brun (Author)4
In heaven all is gladnessJohan N. Brun (Author)5
Hos Gud er idel glædeJohan N. Brun (Author)5
Jesus lever, graven brastJohan N. Brun (Author)6
Lad denne dag, o herre GudJohan N. Brun (Author)6
O salig den, Guds ord har hørtJohan N. Brun (Author)6
In heaven is joy and gladnessJ. N. Brun, 1745-1816 (Author)6
Aand over Aander, kom ned fra det høieJohan N. Brun (Author)7
Our Lord and God, O bless this dayJ. N. Brun, 1745-1816 (Author)8
Heavenly Spirit, all others transcendingJ. N. Brun (Author)11
How blest are they who hear God's Word, And keep and heed what they have heardJ. N. Brun, 1745-1816 (Author)12

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