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Short Name: Albert Chung
Full Name: Chung, Albert
Birth Year: 1986

Albert Chung (b. August 22, 1986) is from South Pasadena, CA; he has an undergraduate degree in music education from UCLA and served as a band director at South Pasadena High School. His involvement in various church ministries around Southern California led him to study at Princeton Theological Seminary for his M.Div. degree (anticipated in 2014); his interest in music composition is aimed at providing accessible contemporary settings for congregational song.

Emily Brink

Tunes by Albert Chung (5)AsInstancessort descendingIncipit
RHOSYMEDREAlbert Chung (Arranger)151122 31443 21511
JUNKANOOAlbert Chung (Arranger)156711 23422 23453
GOD OF WONDERSAlbert Chung (Arranger)216121 66161 26332
EXCELSA PALOMAAlbert Chung (Arranger)212333 23215 12333
BETAAlbert Chung (Arranger)2
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