J. B. Coats

J. B. Coats
Short Name: J. B. Coats
Full Name: Coats, J. B. (James Buchanan), 1901-1961
Birth Year: 1901
Death Year: 1961

J.B. Coats was born on April 6, 1901, in Summerland, Mississippi. He attended the schools of his area and was both a student and lover of music all his life...His formal education was continued with study at Mississippi Southern College and Louisiana State University. He also studied music with Julius Rishing, J.E. and Alvis O. Thomas and T.B. Mosley. When just a lad about fourteen, he began teaching music classes and conducting evangelistic singing. Mr. Coats was a teacher in public schools most of his life...He was the composer of many loved gospel songs with "Where Could I Go" haveing been printed and sung most widely. Others of his outstanding songs are "A Wonderful Place", "My Soul Shall Live On", "I'm Winging My Way Back Home", and "Tomorrow May Mean Goodbye". Many of his songs have been recorded by leading quartets and singers...Mr. Coats was associated with Stamps-Baxter Music Company and a lifetime staff writer for them...He joined the Baptist Church and served more than thirty years as a Deacon before answering the call to the ministry. He died on December 15, 1961.


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Master, where shall I work todayJ. B. C. (Arranger)1
What a wonderful feeling, just to know he is mineJ. B. C. (Suggested by)1
I am saved for a witnessJ. B. Coats (Author)2
Deep within my heart I love theeJ. B. Coats (Author)2
Christ the Lord is the lifeJ. B. C. (Author)2
Slowly the evening sun was sinkingJ. B. Coats (Author)2
Let the Christian be prayingJ. B. Coats (Author)2
When the fervent heat of judgment comeJ. B. Coats (Author)2
When the Holy Spirit cameJ. B. Coats (Author)2
Life is passing down hereJ. B. Coats (Author)2
Sometimes I think of thoseJ. B. Coats (Author)2
Every day you listenJ. B. Coats (Author)2
Somewhere my dreams will all come trueJ. B. Coats (Author)2
I was standing by the bedside of a neighbor oldJ. B. Coats (Author)2
Old Moses lay adreaming, the hour was deep in the midnightJ. B. C. (Author)2
God needs our souls for His kingdomJ. B. C. (Author)2
I wonder if a soul by my action can tellJ. B. Coats (Author)2
I love to be alone with Jesus (Lewis)J. B. C. (Author (Chorus))2
If sometime you should hear across the nightJ. B. Coats (Author)2
The ninety and nine lay safeJ. B. Coats (Author)2
Many are living a life here belowJ. B. Coats (Author)2
I would tell to you in song and storyJ. B. Coats (Author)2
Why must it be, dear Lord, I now askJ. B. Coats (Author)2
A mocking bird was singingJ. B. Coats (Author)2
A mocking bird was singing as we stood besideJ. B. Coats (Author)2
There is a still, small voiceJ. B. Coats (Author)2
Marching onward, marchingJ. B. Coats (Author)2
There is a story covered with gloryJ. B. Coats (Author)2
Great camp meeting in days of yoreJ. B. Coats (Author)2
A feeling within you is leading you onwardJ. B. Coats (Author)2
There's a beautiful home in heavenJ. B. Coats (Author)2
Much is said about the people that you meetJ. B. Coats (Author)2
Greater love can no man showJ. B. Coats (Author)2
I have a secret I cannot tellJ. B. Coats (Author)2
After your heart has been brokenJ. B. Coats (Author)2
Sinner, listen, Holy Spirit callsJ. B. C. (Author)2
Harmony from heaven haunts meJ. B. Coats (Author)2
I've a message sinner friend, I would have you hear todayJ. B. Coats (Author)2
All the way, every dayJ. B. Coats (Author)2
Think of stepping on a shoreJ. B. Coats (Author)2
O wonderful, so wonderful is ChristJ. B. Coats (Author)2
I've had enough crying, I've had enough sighingJ. B. Coats (Author)2
Always humble, always humbleJ. B. Coats (Author)2
In a place called heaven, far beyond the skyJ. B. Coats (Author)2
Have you ever seen the glory of the LordJ. B. Coats (Author)2
As a lad I did not realizeJ. B. Coats (Author)2
On the road to glory, through this pilgrim landJ. B. Coats (Author)2
As I sit here alone in the twilightJ. B. Coats (Author)2
Many sermons have I heard proclaiming God's own WordJ. B. Coats (Author)2
Having been saved to work for the LordJ. B. Coats (Author)2
Though she is lying full six feetJ. B. Coats (Author)2
The will of God must work within the hearts of living menJ. B. Coats (Author)2
Raise a mighty song for a Son is bornJ. B. C. (Author)2
At the bedside of my motherJ. B. Coats (Author)2
Through a world of sorrow we are passingJ. B. Coats (Author)2
Trouble just can't pass you byJ. B. Coats (Author)2
Heaven has its stars, shining clearJ. B. Coats (Author)2
Where there is love, the love of GodJ. B. Coats (Author)2
Just a curtain between all the good and the badJ. B. Coats (Author)2
Hours are spent in dreamingJ. B. Coats (Author)2
We will go in the strength of the LordJ. B. Coats (Author)2
When I heard the invitationJ. B. C. (Author)2
Water for meJ. B. Coats (Author)2
Beyond the firing line, I'll see my friendJ. B. Coats (Author)2
A heartbeat felt, a spoken wordJ. B. C. (Author)2
Pilgrim, pilgrim where goeth thouJ. B. Coats (Author)2
When clouds of sin like a madJ. B. Coats (Author)2
Brother today the way is brightJ. B. C. (Author)2
'Twas late one evening, the sun was lowJ. B. C. (Author)2
When I was a little ladJ. B. Coats (Author)2
Father, like an orphaned child, I am tempted, oft beguiledJ. B. C. (Author)2
Preaching is daily leading souls arightJ. Coats (Author)2
When the cares of life shall have passedJ. B. Coats (Author)3
Drifted have I as days have passed byJ. B. Coats (Author)3
Some people like a gilded cageJ. B. Coats (Author)3
I have dreamed a million timesJ. B. Coats (Author)3
When the fervent heat of judgment comesJ. B. Coats (Author)3
Sometime, when I am deep in sinJ. B. Coats (Author)3
Life is filled with great temptations all along the wayJ. B. Coats (Author)3
Each day we read that someone's missingJ. B. Coats (Author)3
Sometimes I grieve in sorrowJ. B. Coats (Author)3
I often wondered, when I was just a ladJ. B. Coats (Author)3
Earthly life is only one short dayJ. B. Coats (Author)3
When the loud trumpet sound we hearJ. B. Coats (Author)3
Life is the station sending messagesJ. B. Coats (Author)3
I remember long ago when just a boyJ. B. Coats (Author)3
When the trumpet sounds so loud a timeJ. B. Coats (Author)3
Far in the depths and death nearingJ. B. Coats (Author)3
Lord, I feel thy presence, As the moments flyJ. B. Coats (Author)3
Wherever I roam, in joy or sorrowJ. B. Coats (Author)3
Loudly the call to the colorsJ. B. Coats (Author)3
In the harvest field today is waving golden grainJ. B. C. (Author)3
The Bible tells in Luke nineteenJ. B. Coats (Author)3
While traveling through a weary landJ. B. Coats (Author)3
Weary here, but I must travel some moreJ. B. Coats (Author)3
Gladly I am singing, cheeful is my odeJ. B. Coats (Author)3
Who conquers the world beneath the sunJ. B. Coats (Author)3
Many strange things today we can hearJ. B. Coats (Author)3
Glory, glory, Jesus needs meJ. B. Coats (Author)3
A beautiful, beautiful home, In heaven we all shall seeJ. B. Coats (Author)3
There is a light ever shiningJ. B. Coats (Author)3
Wonderful the love of Jesus, from all fear the Spirit frees usJ. B. Coats (Author)3
There is a place of gladness beyond this vale of tearsJ. B. Coats (Author)3
God's hand came stealing, His love revealingJ. B. Coats (Author)3
God's holy word in truth divineJ. B. Coats (Author)3
You have read the Holy Bible and you know what should be doneJ. B. Coats (Author)3
A mother old and gray stood silently one dayJ. B. Coats (Author)3
Mother, if your son is sleepingJ. B. Coats (Author)3
If naught of love this world did knowJ. B. Coats (Author)3
Adown the narrow roadJ. B. Coats (Author)3
If there is a brother in your church or townJ. B. Coats (Author)3
My prayer today to the Master aboveJ. B. Coats (Author)3
If you're needing a friend in this troublesome landJ. B. Coats (Author)3
Have you a burden, is your heart sadJ. B. Coats (Author)3
This book unfolds Jehovah's mindJ. B. Coats (Author)3
Oft we are made to weepJ. B. Coats (Author)3
In a valley so green, mother's sleeping todayJ. B. Coats (Author)3
On the Rock I standJ. B. Coats (Author)3
At evening, when twilight has shaded the dayJ. B. Coats (Author)3
Once I was a sinner, in darkness all aloneJ. B. Coats (Author)3
In lands afar, across the deepJ. B. Coats (Author)3
One day a mother came to the prisonJ. B. Coats (Author)3
Back in childhood, I rememberJ. B. Coats (Author)3
Traveling on, singing a songJ. B. Coats (Author)3
One day I heard a still, small voiceJ. B. Coats (Author)3
Be saved, the warning comes todayJ. B. Coats (Author)3
Before I found salvationJ. B. Coats (Author)3
Soul far away, think of the woeJ. B. C. (Author)3
Over the mountain and down through the valeJ. B. Coats (Author)3
Let me tell you of a mansionJ. B. Coats (Author)3
I am dreaming tonight of the home folksJ. B. Coats (Author)3
We are in the army of the LordJ. B. Coats (Author)3
I am leaving for home at the end of the dayJ. B. Coats (Author)3
When I come to cross the riverJ. B. Coats (Author)3
I am longing for heaven and the wonderful timeJ. B. Coats (Author)3
Dear friend, I've known you but a dayJ. B. Coats (Author)3
I am on the rainbow trailJ. B. Coats (Author)3
When I was but a child, not many years agoJ. B. Coats (Author)4
When my toiling is over at setting of sunJ. B. Coats (Author)4
Sinner, how about your soulJ. B. Coats (Author)4
Down deep in my soul a melody ringsR. J. B. Coats (Author)4
I have a home in the glory land, living waters ever flowJ. B. Coats (Author)4
Each day I feel a friendly handJ. B. Coats (Author)4
I know the truth it is food for the soulJ. B. Coats (Author)4
Sometimes up and sometimes downJ. B. Coats (Author)4
Lonely days filled with careJ. B. Coats (Author)4
When you are lonely, clouds hide the blueJ. B. Coats (Author)4
Gentle rivers are flowing freeJ. B. Coats (Author)4
While we're praying, while we're pleadingJ. B. Coats (Author)4
I'm a debtor, I know, every day I liveJ. B. Coats (Author)4
I'm looking for tomorrowJ. B. Coats (Author)4
Many years ago I found the LordJ. B. Coats (Author)4
I'm treading the highway to glory todayJ. B. Coats (Author)4
God knows our weakness, when death comes alongJ. B. Coats (Author)4
There's a story in the BibleJ. B. Coats (Author)4
My body is weak, overtaken by the fallJ. B. Coats (Author)4
This life is hard to understand, The way is narrow and steepJ. B. Coats (Author)4
This life is like a day of timeJ. B. Coats (Author)4
In all my sin, there was not oneJ. B. Coats (Author)4
In the rattle of the battle, fighting for my LordJ. B. Coats (Author)4
Kind words, like flowers ever bloomingJ. B. Coats (Author)4
Darkness falls around me, hordes of evil hound meJ. B. Coats (Author)4
Let thy banner be unfurled over all the worldJ. B. Coats (Author)5
I was once a sinner, just a weary sinnerJ. B. Coats (Author)5
Man was made the image of his MakerJ. B. Coats (Author)5
I would not walk without JesusJ. B. Coats (Author)5
The prodigal son found it while he was kneelingJ. B. Coats (Author)5
Many years I've wasted, squanderedJ. B. Coats (Author)5
I've a story to tell, 'tis the story of JesusJ. B. Coats (Author)5
Workers on a building rare building for eternityJ. B. Coats (Author)5
Deep in my heart I have a joyful songJ. B. Coats (Author)5
Sing of a land where freedom reignsJ. B. Coats (Author)6
One day my soul was saved from the fallJ. B. Coats (Author)6
We never know at the dawn of dayJ. B. C. (Author)7
Wake up, O sinner, God needs a winnerJ. B. Coats (Author)10
Living below in this old sinful worldJ. B. C. (Author)85
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