Edward A. Collier

Edward A. Collier
Short Name: Edward A. Collier
Full Name: Collier, Edward A. (Edward Augustus), 1835-1920
Birth Year: 1835
Death Year: 1920

Collier, Edward Augustus, a Congregational Minister at Kinderhook, New York State, is the author of "Thou, Lord, art God alone" (Holy Trinity) in the Scotch Church Hymnary, 1898.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)


Collier, Edward. (New York City, November 21, 1835--December 20, 1920). Congregationalist. Son of Ezra and Mary Shaw Collier. New York University, A.B. 1857; A.M. 1860; D.D. 1884. Attended Princeton Theological Seminary, 1860. Pastorates at Saugerties, NY. 1860-1861; Armenia, New York, 1861-1864; Kinderhook, New York, 1864-1907, then pastor emeritus. Author Lyrics from the Psalter, 1907; A History of Old Kinderhook, 1914; also many metrical versions of the psalms, etc.

--Howard Springer, DNAH Archives

Texts by Edward A. Collier (18)AsAuthority Languagessort descendingInstances
Angels bright, his throne surroundingEdward A. Collier (Author)2
As the hart when noon is burningEdward A. Collier (Author)2
I love the Lord, because he heareth meEdward A. Collier (Author)2
Lord, to thee my soul is liftedEdward A. Collier (Author)2
O God arise, and by thy mightEdward A. Collier (Author)2
O God of nations, unto theeEdward A. Collier (Author)2
As the voice of many watersEdward A. Collier (Author)English2
God we bless thee that we meetEdward A. Collier (Author)English4
Hail, O flag, in every breeze now streamingEdward A. Collier (Author)English3
How sweet, O Lord, Thy word of graceEdw. A. Collier, D.D. (Author)English3
Jesus, Thou art the sinner's friend, Loving us tenderly till the endEdward A. Collier (Author)English2
No longer, Lord, despise meEdward A. Collier (Author)English5
O Lord, who hast this table spreadEdward A. Collier (Author)English3
O sing, ye children, singRev. Edward A. Collier, 1835- (Author)English4
The heavens in their splendor declareEdward A. Collier (Author)English2
The Lord's my shepherd, I'll not want; He makes me down to lie (Rous)Edward A. Collier (Author)English1
There is a wondrous riverEdward A. Collier (Author)English4
Thou, Lord, art God alone, Veiling thy burning throneEdward A. Collier (Author)English5

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