David C. Cook

Short Name: David C. Cook
Full Name: Cook, David C. (David Caleb), 1850-1927
Birth Year: 1850
Death Year: 1927
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Texts by David C. Cook (37)sort descendingAsInstances
All is well, my soulDavid C. Cook (Author)2
Alone through thee is victoryDavid C. Cook (Author)2
Be the present dark or brightDavid C. Cook (Author)3
Bright is the pilgrim wayDavid C. Cook (Author)2
Children of the lightD. C. C. (Author)2
Dear Jesus, keep me everDavid C. Cook (Author)2
Draw me close to thee, Lord, Ever close to theeD. C. C. (Author)2
First thoughts for JesusD. C. C. (Author)3
Have you heard of the wonderful Jesus, The lightD. C. C. (Author)2
I am his, I am hisDavid C. Cook (Author)2
I am longing, precious JesusD. C. C. (Author)2
Is there sadness in your gladnessD. C. C. (Author)2
Keep me with theeD. C. C. (Author)2
Many summers have departedDavid C. Cook (Author)2
May Jesus be with youD. C. C. (Author)2
My heart is brightDavid C. Cook (Author)2
My heart it is brightD. C. C. (Author)2
Not as I will, dear ChristDavid C. Cook (Author)2
O paradise, blest paradise, I long for theeDavid C. Cook (Author)2
O wondrous love, the Father's loveDavid C. Cook (Author)2
O he shall preserveD. C. C. (Author)2
Once again you are among usDavid C. Cook (Author)2
Only by him I walkDavid C. Cook (Author)2
Out of sin's sad bondage, Jesus bids us comeDavid C. Cook (Author)2
Rest, there is restD. C. C. (Author)2
Sinner friend, your feet are standingDavid C. Cook (Author)2
Sweet is the journeyD. C. C. (Author)2
The friends who have crossed o'erDavid C. Cook (Author)2
There's a beautiful land far away in the skiesDavid C. Cook (Author)2
Walking with GodD. C. C. (Author)3
Walking with God, walking with GodDavid Caleb Cook (Author)2
We are coming to the lightD. C. C. (Author)2
We are parting, we are partingD. C. C. (Author)3
What is it keeps meD. C. C. (Author)2
What, O what have I beside theeDavid C. Cook (Author)2
Worlds on worlds are in his keepingD. C. C. (Author)2
Would you have your life all sunshineDavid C. Cook (Author)2
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